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  Hints and Tips for: House Party 
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 House Party Cheats

House Party

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable 18+ Content:
All you need to do is navigate to the following folder, or create it 
if it does not exist:

.../Documents/Eek/House Party/Mods/Censorship/ 

Inside the folder, create a new text file, and call it FuckCensorship.txt
That’s it! You’re done! Enjoy!

Console Commands:
Written by BloodyMeli

Just a quick guide with some console commands...
How to Use the Console Commands

Press ~ above your Tab key. Dropdown menu should appear.

-=Warp To=-
warpto vickie player
warpto amy player
warpto brittney player
warpto ashley player
warpto katherine player
warpto stephanie player
warpto rachael player
warpto madison player

Change Stephanie wih what character you want to strip or clothe. 
0 for top, 1 for pants/skirt, 2 panties/boxers, 3 bra/bikini top, 4 shoes.

clothing stephanie 0 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
clothing stephanie 2 off
clothing stephanie 3 off
clothing stephanie 4 off

Theres about 25 poses just change Stephanie with the character you want to pose.

pose stephanie 0 true
pose stephanie 1 true
pose stephanie 2 true
pose stephanie 3 true
pose stephanie 4 true

Stephanie's Story Walkthrough:
Written by StarrkJow

Stephanie Guide for the House Party (Patch 10.2). So this is a bit preemptive, 
but 10.2 or later should be coming to Steam Early Access fairly soon and it seems 
like other players with Beta Access have been getting stumped at different points 
in this quest (I was too!) so I thought I'd provide a brief guide for her new 
story content.

Stephanie's quest can be started as early as the beginning of the game, which 
is where this guide will start. I'm only aware of a couple quests that conflict 
with Stephanie's quest:

* Humiliating Ashley
* Romancing Katherine

I don't think the completion of this quest will confict with you pursuing Rachel 
or inviting Vickie. There are multiple ways of going about this quest, this is 
simply the route that worked for me.

-=Game Start=-
* Talk to Madison, say see you later.
* Talk to Katherine, say Always a Pleasure.
* Talk to Amy, say nice to meet you and see you later.
* Talk to Stephanie.

* Nice to Meet you.
* How do you know Madison.
* What do you think of Katherine.
* Compliment her dancing.
* Agree to find her Whip its.
* Ask what a Whip it is.
* Ask her what she does for work.
* Ask if she's the cook.
* Say it's good to get paid (There's a funny interaction with Derek, if he's 
  in her vacinity).
* Do not give her whip-it's - It will end the rest of this quest line. 
  Wait until after the quest is complete.

* Introduce yourself to Patrick.
* Ask him what you can do to help.
* Retrieve the painkillers from the Master Bathroom (Behind the door).
* This part may be time consuming. You need to give patrick the painkillers 
  while he's near Stephanie. Not sure what the range is, I just waited until 
  he was either talking to or dancing with Stephanie in the living room.
* Give the painkillers to Patrick.
* see you later.
* Talk to Stephanie, she should comment on you helping Patrick.
* Say there's more to it than that.
* Ask her what she studies.
* Ask her about pursuing a medical career.
* Say see you later.

Amy should approach you about Stephanie and Katherine.

* Talk to Katherine. 
* Say you think we use need out of its intended purpose. 
* Ask why she's looking at her phone. 
* Say who could ever be mean to her. 
* Ask her if she would like a drink. 
* Talk to Katherine again. 
* Ask what kind of drink she likes. 

* Talk to Frank. 
* Say I'm totally sober. 
* Ask if he's going to guard the alcohol all night. 
* Ask what he thinks of Katherine. 

* Talk to Katherine. 
* Say Frank's guarding the alcohol. 
* Say you think Frank has a crush on her. 

* Talk to Frank. 
* Ask if he'd like you to put in a good word with Katherine. 
* Agree to get pictures for him. 

* Go to the master bedroom. 
* Take the camera on the vanity next to the TV. 
* Go to the room with Brittany and the Laptop. 
* Take the SD card to the right of the laptop. 
* Open your inventory. 
* Scroll to the Camera and "Use With" the SD Card. 
* Go downstairs to the Garage. 
* Take the Cell Phone Jammer on the cabinet. 

* Talk to Katherine. 
* Say Fank will give you alcohol if she'll agree to take a picture for him. 
* Say you'll figure something out.

* At this point, Katherine is more than likely outside by the Hot Tub. I
  f she is in this location or any location that is populated follow the 
  steps below. If she is in a room alone, skip to the next section. 

* Stand next to Katherine, Open your inventory, scroll to the Cell Phone 
  Jammer, and turn it on. 
* It may take a moment, but Katherine should comment on the lack of service. 
* Follow Katherine until she is in a room with no one else in it
  (This may take a while). 

* Once you are in a room alone with Katherine, close the door and turn 
  the jammer off if it is on (this is done the same way you turn it on). 
* Talk to Katherine. 
* Ask her to take a picture. 
* Talk to Katherine. 
* Ask her to take her top off. 
* Talk to Katherine. 
* Tell her this isn't what Frank had in mind when he said "Topless". 
* Talk to Katherine. 
* Tell her to try a pose. 
* Pick any pose. 
* Open your inventory and select the camera, take a picture. 
* Talk to Katherine. 
* Say let's take a break. 
* Return to Frank and give him the camera. 
* Open the cabinet to your right and take the Rum on the bottom row. 

* Go to the Master Bedroom and enter the closet. 
* Take the "Clear Eyes" to your immediate right (it's a small white container). 
* Open your inventory and select the Rum, "Use With" Clear Eyes. 
* Return to Katherine. 
* Give her the Tampered Rum. 
* Talk to Katherine, she'll tell you to talk to her later. 
* Leave her vacinity. 
* In a few moments, she'll say she needs some fresh air. 
* Another few moments later she'll say she needs to use the restroom and 
  run back inside. 
* Once she is in the bathroom, Talk to Stephanie. 
* Tell her Katherine is in trouble. 
* Select either option. 
* Follow Stephanie and listen to the conversation. 
* It may take Stephanie a long time, but she will run upstairs afterwards. 
* I'm not sure if this is automatic or not, but Amy may talk to you. 
  If it doesn't trigger, you can talk to Amy, though I believe it's optional. 
* Go outside, turn right and then right again to the side of the house 
  (Where Rachel's Events take place). 
* Take the fast food bag behind the AC unit, it's a flat brown bag. 

* Stephanie will be in the painting room at the top of the stairs. 
* Talk to Stephanie. 
* Give her the fast food bag. 
* Follow Stephanie back downstairs. 
* Listen to her conversation. 
* Agree to find the Gut Grip and Water. 
* Save your game! 

* This is where things can get tricky, at least for me, and there may be 
  other options, but this is the way that worked for me. 
* Go to the Master Bathroom. 
* Right alongside the Toilet is the Gut Grip, take it (It's a small bottle). 
* By this time Stephanie should have returned to the Painting Room. 
* Go Downstairs and Knock on the bathroom door, ask where Stephanie is. 
* Go upstairs to the Painting Room, conversation should start as soon 
  as you get close to Stephanie. 
* Ask what she's doing up here. 
* Say you still need to get water. 
* Say ok I'll get it. 
* Click on her again. 
* There should be an option to the take the bag, click it. 
* Say this needs to stop. 
* Screen should fade to black. 
* Listen to the rest of the conversation. 

-=Special Training + Post Quest=-
* Talk to Stephanie. 
* From here you'll now have the option to become intimate with Stephanie 
  whenever you want! 
* Simply lead her into an empty room, close the door, and enjoy! 

* I don't believe you have the chance to get fully nude before the festivites 
  begin. I haven't tried getting naked before she enters the room but it may 
  be worth a try. 
* The fact that she follows you and doesn't require you to lock the door, 
  actually makes her the easiest option for getting a condom from Frank. 
* You can still give her Whip it's and Alcohol after this quest. 
* You can still get her to dance topless and dance outside after this quest. 
* And you can still complete Brittany's quest line after the quest is complete. 
* Doing these things will not negate your ability to receive more training 
  from Stephanie later.

All Item Locations:
Written by Chief Keef

Guide on all items and where their location is in the House Party game. 

* Spoon on microwave.
* Whipped Cream in fridge – use ‘ctrl’ to move stuff around with the hand.
* Bathroom Key by sink.
* Sausage in fridge.
* Coffee in fridge.
* Soda in fridge.

* Natty Lite on shelf.
* Cell phone Jammer on workbench.
* Living Room (Dance Floor) 
* Natty Lite behind speaker.
* Mysterious Key on mantle (Goes to masterbed room).

* Nothing.
* Living Room with TV 
* Natty Lite by chair/window.
* Room with Frank 
* Rachel's Thermos.
* Liquor bottles.
* Empty vodka bottle to use at faucet.
* Downstairs Bathroom 
* Towel.

-=Master Bedroom=-
* Natty Lite on shelf.

-=Bathroom in the Master Bedroom=-
* Cell Phone on sink.
* Pain Killers behind bathroom door.

-=Closet in Master Bedroom=-
* Eye Drops on shelf.
* Camera on shelf.
* Diary in is located in the safe.

-=Laundary Room=-
* Wine on shelf/closet to the right once you enter.

-=Room with Rocking Chair=-
* Nothing.

-=Closet in Room with Rocking Chair=-
* Nothing.

-=Bathroom Upstairs=-
* Natty Lite behind hamper/laundary basket.

-=Children's Bedroom with Loft Bed=-
* Pencil on desk.

-=Computer Room=- 
* USB 2.0 Drive on safe.
* Paper on the desk.
* SD Card on desk.
vNatty Lite to the left of the desk.

-=Items People Carry=- 
* Patrick, the alcoholic, has a bottle of Merlot/wine - 
  get Frank to beat him up so he drops it.
* The girl in the computer room, Brittney, has Patrick's phone.

How to Get the Ice Bath Achievement:
Written by kingston1228

Learn how to get on every girls S-List and acquire the Ice Bath 
Achievement in the House Party game.

Most of the girls have an easy way to get to their S-List however 
Stephanie and Madison take just a slight amount of work to get 
which is why I made this guide.

* Damn! I Wish that I was cross-eyed so I could see you Twice.

* I Lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

* I like your glasses. They make you look smart!

* So...What's your sign?

* I don't have a library card, but can I check you out anyway?

* What do you do for work, Steph? 
* Yeah...That place is great! 
* You look like you're having fun. 
* Whip-its? Are you in 3rd grade? 
* Talk to Stephanie again 
* What the F is a "Whip-it"? 
* Be honest, you just Peter North'd your intellectual load for the night, 
  didn't you? 

* Thanks for letting me come! 
* Ah. So I'm a total afterthought? 
* You're doing fine! 
* It's how bakers keep score! 
* Yeah, get to know each other's genitals better, you mean. 
* Talk to the rest of the guests then wait for Madison to approach you 
* Sky Animal? What's that? 
* I have so so so many questions. 
* Do you actually believe this nonsense? 
* I think I hear Derek calling me. Talk to you later, Madison. 
* Talk to Madison again 
* So do you wanna love me? Or Raymond, like everybody else?

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