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  Hints and Tips for: House of the Dead 2 
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 House of the Dead 2 Cheats

House of the Dead 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Bonus room:
Successfully complete the game in original mode without losing any civilians 
and with a score of at least 1000,000 points to reach a bonus room full of 
items at the end of the game. 

Extra $ point credits:
For more points added to your score when you complete a level, simply shoot
various other items during game play. Shoot lamp post lights, lanterns, stacks
of books, jars, tires on boats, windows on cars, chairs, and other furniture. 
Shooting barrels and drums, however, will not give you extra points, but may 
reveal items.

oldman costume:
Successfully complete the game in original mode. The Goldman costume will
appear in the trunk of the car in the next original mode game.

Goldman zombie:
Enable the "Infinite credits" bonus. Play through the game and shoot every
hostage and try to get the lowest score possible. Towards the end of the
game, when the last door is opened, Goldman will appear like a zombie.

Rogan costume:
Begin game play in original mode and select the 2.0 Bullets and the Double
Score items from the trunk. Rescue all civilians except for the second
person on level 4. Complete the game and enter the bonus room at the end. A
Rogan Costume and an Infinite Credits item will be in the room.

Bruno costume:
Accumulate over 70,000 points and play on the "Sin" level in original mode.
You can get the Bruno costume when a maid comes out of a secret room, hands
it to you, and wishes you good luck. Note: It is a good idea to have the
Double power-up when you are attempting to get the costume.

Darkness: Different pathway civilian:
During the level, a man will be attacked by an Ebitan on his boat. If you
shoot the Ebitan down, the man will reward you by opening the water gate.
Let the Ebitan overcome the man, and you will continue on your current

Despair: Different pathway civilian:
During the level, a man will get pulled down by a Kageo. Shoot the Kageo,
and you will continue through the level from your current area. Let the
Kageo pull him down, and you will go down after him, taking you to a lower
level in the area.

Darkness: Rotten Meat:
In Darkness level in original mode, make sure you fight the Tower in the
sand. When you get to the fourth level, save the man that is going be pulled
down by a zombie. After you do, you will look back up and in front of you
will be a small square metal gate. Shoot it open and inside will be either
Rotten Meat item or other items. Rotten Meat makes all of the zombies heads
big. so it is easy to get a head shot.

Muddy: Advance to Magician:
Play to the point in the "Muddy" level in original mode where the key is
laying next to the dead man. Shoot the key, and get to the point where the
boy asks you to save his father. Do not open the lock to proceed through the
other door on the opposite side. Shoot the black phone on the couch to
advance directly to the Magician.

Muddy: items:
Begin game play in the "Muddy" level in original mode. Save the fat man that
is under attack that comes into view right after turning a corner. He will
give you a +10 credit. Note: This is same the man that says "What is this
city coming to?" when the game is played in arcade mode.

Begin game play in the "Muddy" level in original mode. After you shoot the
owl there are two Mickeys that throw knives at you. After you kill them ,
note the crates that are directly behind them. Shoot the creates to get the
diamond that is hidden in one of them.

Start a game in original mode with 1.2 bullets and play to point the "Muddy"
level where zombies climbing the blue van are encountered. After walking up
the stairs, a zombie jumps down from atop the buildings. Then, two other
zombies that throw knives will appear. There is a door directly behind them.
Shoot it until it opens. A man will give you a many different items each
time that it is opened.

In the beginning of the Muddy chapter, there is a David on a red car. Shoot
the David off and you will see a blue car, Shoot it open. The man will say
something and then you will be able to see into the blue car. There will be
something in there to shoot.

Muddy: Different pathway civilian:
In the beginning of the level, a man is driving a car and has a David on the
windshield. Shoot the David off, and you will go up some stairs. Leave the
David, and the man will crash into a building. You will then go into the
building and continue the level from there.

Original Sin: Items:
Begin game play in the "Sin" level in original mode with over 70,000 points.
Start aiming for the lower right corner just before entering the elevator.
There is a bullet power-up or a death bullet power-up at that location. The
bullets kill any zombie with one hit anywhere on the body.

In original mode, after you go up the elevator and pass the first two doors,
kill the zombie that has the laser swords. Just when you are about to turn
to the next door, there will be a crate. Shoot it and inside will either be
a Custom Air Gun or a Chamber Infinite. Also, directly next to the door will
be another crate with an extra life inside.

Prelude: Items:
Get to the point in the first level in original mode, where the boy runs out
the door with the Johnnys chasing him. After that, there are Davids that
jump down from the bridge. Use a grenade (only) to blow open the door behind
the David to the left. A grandmother will come out and give you a Bullet
Blow, Grenade and other items (depending on how many times original mode has
been completed).

In the beginning of the game after the women tells you to save the man,
there will be a bucket behind him. Shoot the bucket and a Credit +2 will be
sitting in the well.

Prelude: Different pathway civilian:
The first woman civilian you see is being chased by a zombie. Save her, and
she will tell you to save the man civilian, who will get attacked by three
zombies. If you succeed, he will lead you in a different direction -- not a
significantly different pathway, but it cuts through another pathway where a
Max zombie will appear. If you take the different path, he will not appear.

Fight all:
Defeat all Bosses in Boss mode to unlock the "Fight All" option. 

Darkness: Easy shotguns and grenades: 
There will be a man on a boat with a zombie in this chapter. Save the man and Amy 
will get a call. You will then look at the bottom of the boat. Depending on your 
current score, you will get a powerful item. Alternately, do the step described 
previously after selecting either a shotgun or grenade when starting the game. 
Where the zombies jump down, kill them then wait for the last pair. When they land, 
there is a door behind the one on the left. Shoot the door and the woman will say 
"Good luck" and hand you either a shotgun or grenade launcher. 

Darkness: Rotten Meat:
In Darkness level in original mode, make sure you fight the Tower in the sand. 
When you get to the fourth level, save the man that is going be pulled down by a 
zombie. After you do, you will look back up and in front of you will be a small 
square metal gate. Shoot it open and inside will be either Rotten Meat item or 
other items. Rotten Meat makes all of the zombies heads big. so it is easy to get 
a head shot. 

Hidden items:
When you save a hostage and they do not give you anything, there will be something 
in a nearby box.

Defeating Kuarl:
When the big monster (Kuarl) is in the center, aim for the hanging sign to the right and 
keep shooting it until the other monster flies into it. You will hit him about 90% of the 
time and kill him faster.

Defeating Magician:
When you drop Magician's life a lot, he will be up and charge lots of fireballs to you. 
The ones that are in the center are the ones that you need to take care of, as they give 
you damage. Just shoot the center ones, and ignore those from left and right.

Submitted by: Tamal barua

ratto: type this cheat in the main menu. start playing orginal mode.your credit 
will never lost at all.

Submitted by: anugrih choube

In the game house of dead 2 you have 5 credits and now with this cheat you can have 9
credits. just what you have to do is that before installing hod2 you must copy that 
folder in your computer .after copying that folder you run its setup or install or 
whatever there is. after installing you open the game folder there are 5 credits in 
the game. now go to that copied folder there is a folder named the_house_of_the_dead_2
,open this folder there will be two folders named dvnhod2, but one folder will be 
compressed, open that compressed folder there will be three files one of them will be
trainer open the trainer there a warning will be displayed about compressed zip folder
click onto the extract all files then brouse this to the folder where hod2 is situated
and start extracting there a message will come about a file say yes to all and see the
 extracted files there will your game icon named hod2 open it and when you play hod2 
there are 9 credits instead of 5 and when you defeat the first boss that is judgement
type 28 amy appears in a very shiny dress. this shows your cheat is working. 

Submitted by: Jonathan Foe

Rogan Costume:
In the level 6 there's are two doors Shoot the right door, and the
Costume Are yours

Machine Gun:
In the level 2 there's a blue car parked on the street.
Before you get the machine gun,save the civilian in the car

Bruno Costume:
There are two doors in Goldman's Headquaters Shoot the left door, and the woman
give you.

Bullet Death:
There's a Elevator in Headquaters
If you want a bullet, Shoot left down and the death bullet will be yours

Harry & Amy's Costume:
Harry Costume: There are a cage in Level 4 just shoot the Cage And The Costume will
be yours Amy Costume: To get Amy Costume, Rescue the civilian Attacking by zombie

Advance to Magician :
In Level 2, There's A Key & The Dead guy on the floor & Rescue the Kids, After that
don't rescue his father. And there's a black phone on the Chair.

Toy Gun:
shoot the door on the level 3 after that the door is opened.

Muddy: Lots of different path ways:
Submitted by: Ben 10

At the beginning of the level, if you rescue the fat man in the car then you will
go upstair. Then you will see a key. If you shoot it off then you will get (A) most
civilian paths in the next level. But if you ignore the key then you will get the 
(B) less civilian paths in the next level.

At the beginning of the level. Let the fat man crash into the building. This choice
make you score more points. If you save the woman in the jail you will get (A) most
civilian paths in the next level. If not you will get (B) less civilian paths in 
the next level.

Depending on your (A) or (B) paths, your next level start route will be different.

Muddy: secret passage:
Submitted by: Ben 10

Do not save the fat man in the car. After you save the woman in the jail, you
will be in the room with lots of barrels and crates. At the end of this room you
will turn left and you will notice that you're stucked. Quickly shoot the wall 
in front of you to reveal secret passage on your left. Otherwise you will use 
the door on your right.

Muddy: Items:
Submitted by: Ben 10

Make sure you choose (B) less civilian paths. When you see the fat man on the boat
which is gonna killed by axed zombie, kill the zombie. After that, quickly shoot 
Rotten Meats which is jump up from the boat.

At the beginning of the level, don't rescue the fat man in the car.
#1 After you see Hierophant on the TV. You will go through the door. Before you 
turn left, quickly shoot the door in front of you with shotgun/grenade to get 
Credit +10/Shot Gun item. 
#2 Save the woman in the jail. After you pass two doors, you will come into the 
room where there are lots of crates and barrels. As you turn left, quickly shoot
the chain to make it drop the weapon/life for you.

Darkness: Items:
Submitted by: Ben 10

Make sure you get (A) most civilian paths. Save old man in the boat. Before you 
turn right, quickly shoot the door in your left with grenade/shot gun to reveal 
Toy Gun item. When you encounter the zombies in the garage, one of the crates 
behind the zombies contain Primitive Meats item.

Despair: Items:
Submitted by: Ben 10

Make sure you get (A) most civilian paths and you rescue all civilians from this
level (including the one which is pulled by the zombie). When you meet the bats 
and just before you go up the stair (before you fight the boss), quickly shoot 
the item (looks like giant spider) on your left to reveal the First Aid Kit item
which is hidden on the stair. If you let the zombie pull down the man then you 
will go down. After that you will come into the area where there is an elevator.
Rescue the old man which is chased by zombie (shoot zombie's leg). You will come
into the room and the stair where the door is locked, quickly shoot the lock 
(the brown iron shaped) with grenade (only) to reveal Rotten Meats item inside

The Dawn: Items:
Submitted by: Ben 10

When you drive a car, quickly shoot the small item (appears in the center of the screen) 
before Hierophant appear. If you succeed then you will get Chamber Infinite item.

After you defeat Hierophant, there are two blue mini buses. Shoot the back door of the 
left bus to reveal Credit Infinite item.

Original Sins: Bonus Rooms:
Submitted by: Ben 10

Save all civilians. After you killed the zombies with laser sword, you will go into the 
room on your right which contains lots of items.

Accumulate score about 70,000 points. After you killed the zombies with laser sword, you 
will go into the room on your upper left. The maid will give you Bruno Costume item.

Accumulate score about 80,000 points (tips: use Double Score and Credit Infinite items 
for easy scoring). After you killed the zombies with laser sword, you will go into the 
room on your upper right which contains Rogan Costume and Credit Infinite items.

Alternate Endings:
Submitted by: Ben 10

#1 You meet Harry, G, Amy and civilians : just complete the game as usual.
#2 You meet Rogan : just complete the game with 80,000 points and above.
#3 You meet Goldman Zombie : save less civilians and get less score (tips: use Credit 
Infinite item and kill all civilians).

Displaying the Score:
Submitted by: Ben 10

screen to display the score.

Choosing the Player:
Submitted by: Ben 10

To play as James (P1), press [ENTER] on ORIGINAL MODE at the title screen.
To play as Gary (P2), press [LEFT SHIFT] on ORIGINAL MODE at the title screen.
NOTE: if you play as P2, use [W] and [X] to scroll the items, then use [TAB] 
to select it, after that [LEFT SHIFT] to confirm.

Submitted by: Ben10

* Bruno Costume: In the room where you fight the Emperor, the last room to the left 
  (shoot the door) and a maid will give you it. 
* Display Score: On the title screen press Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, 
  Right, Enter.
* Goldman Costume: Beat Original Mode on any difficulty.
* Infinite Continues: Beat the game in Training Mode and Boss Mode.
* Red Blood: Beat Original Mode with any difficulty.
* Rogan Costume: Get to the secret room near the fight with Emperor.
* Training Mission 10: Beat Training Mission 1 - 9 on a difficulty of 3 stars.
* Training Mission 9: Beat Training Mission 1 - 8 on a difficulty of 2 stars.
* Training Mode And Boss Mode: Beat the game in Original Mode.
* Two More Sessions in Boss Mode: Beat all bosses in Boss Mode and get a ranking 
  with each, to unlock Emperor and Fight All Bosses Mode.
* Unlimited Credits: Complete Boss Mode with 5-star marks for each boss, including
  Fight All Bosses Mode.

Secret Alternate Ending and Special Agent Rank:
Submitted by: Ben10

Defeat all zombies (even far away from you), rescue all civilians, and beat all bosses
without continue. After defeat Emperor, watch your ending and get Special Agent Rank.

Despair: items:
Submitted by: mike & ike

After you defeat tower in the sand, there will be a man being pulled down by a zombie.
After you save him you will see a small metal gate shoot it and a rotten meat, a G 
costume, or other items will appear. Before you face the zombies with swords there will
be a gate shoot the lock and a Harry costume or other items will appear. After you 
shoot the bats in the jail cell, two lizards will appear, but before you defeat them
there will be a mine cart at the top center of the screen shoot it.(this will only 
work with 2.0, death bullet, or a gernade) then you will look on your left and a 
credit or a life 1/4 will appear. if you don't save the man he will be pulled down, 
then you will look on your left a man will be in a jail cell shoot the lock and then 
you look on your left in the jail cell there will be three green boxes and one of 
them contains a shotgun.

If you faced tower in the water you will see two glaas lamps in the fourth chapter 
shoot both of them and shoot the screen on the right you will then see a 2.0 or a 
Harry costume.

Infinite ammo cheat:
Submitted by: adriel

you must have cheat engine 5.6 , then open it and house of the dead 2 type 6 on the
value,then first scan it then go to hod 2 , then go to any mode , then waist 3 bullets.
After that go to cheat engine then type 3 to the value , then next scan it.Pick the 
green letters then change their value to 6 and there you have it, its done.

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