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  Hints and Tips for: Hydro Thunder 
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 Hydro Thunder Cheats

Hydro Thunder

Quick start: 
This trick assumes the game is under the default controller setting. Hold L 
during the pre-race countdown. Release L and press R when the countdown 
reaches "3". Keep alternating between the two buttons until the race begins. 
Your boat will get a faster start if the buttons are alternated with the 
right timing.

Bonus tracks and boats:
Successfully complete all medium difficulty tracks in first place to unlock 
the Nile Adventure bonus track. Successfully complete this track in first 
place to unlock the next bonus track. A total of four bonus tracks can be 
unlocked by finishing in first place. All four bonus boats (Fishing Boat, 
Armed Response, Blowfish, and Tinytanic) will be available after all four 
bonus tracks are unlocked.

Arctic Circle: Shortcut:
Near the beginning of the level are some houses. There is a house where you
can only see the roof. Jump off the roof and you should jump up about three
or four places ahead.

Arctic Circle: Secret area:
When you reach the area with the big oil tanker and penguins, jump over into
a secret area with a red boost. 

Catacomb: 9 second boost:
At beginning of the race there are two columns. Go between them and you will 
get a 9 second boost. 

Recommended boats:
The following is a list of the best boats to use on the easy and medium tracks. 

Thunder Park track  : Damn the Torpedoes
Lost Island track   : Midway
Arctic Circle track : Damn the Torpedoes
Greek Isles track   : Midway
Lake Powell track   : Thresher
The Far East track  : Thresher or Midway 

New York Disaster: Shortcut:
Near the beginning is a silver revolving door that appears to be solid. Go 
through it and you will find a blue boost and a red boost. To get the red 
boost you have to use a Hydro Jump (hold [Brake] and use [Boost]). 

New York Disaster: Boost
In NY Disaster, when you are racing through the left side of the subway tunnel 
with the Rescue boat cutting you off and bumping into you, instead of jumping 
for the nine second red boost in the center to the right, bash into the Rescue
boat. Your boost level will remain where it was for the remainder of the race.

Far East: Shortcut:
When you are about half way through the level you will reach a place where the 
water will drop three times. Just when your on the third one, immediately do your
booster jump when you get on the edge. When your boat jumps in the air, hold 
[Boost]. If done correctly, you should land on top of a place above the tunnel
ahead. This will make it much faster than having to go in a big "L". 
Note: This requires some practice.

Select two player mode and on the first three tracks medium boats and tracks
will appear: Race on the three tracks and hard boats and tracks will appear.
Race on all three tracks and the Nile track will appear. Race on the Nile 
and three other bonus tracks and all boats, including the fishing and tour
boats will be unlocked. Keep playing in two player mode to always finish 
in first place.

CHEAT:Artic Circle:
Submitted by: ANNY SUSY STACY

After the shortcut in the wall you could cut through a hole in the wall by a 
blue sign after a (9)second boost you could hydro jump to hydro jump you must 
have some boost power and then hold brake and press SHIFT or boost then you will 
jump over the blue sing and if you do it correctly you might be able to go over 
a piece of ice and go in a big ship and receive a secret boost a (9) second boost 
on a ramp and then a (4)second boost last you will see a big long ramp and you 
might be able to take the win.

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