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  Hints and Tips for: Hypernova: Escape from Hadea 
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 Hypernova: Escape from Hadea Cheats

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by The Markness Monster.

Everything you need to know about moving structures around in Hypernova!

In Hypernova you can move anything except for the Mothership and the Stellar 
Bridge. Here are the how-to, the basics, some good-to-know info, and helpful 
tips about flying structures around!

-=How To=-
You can move a structure in one of three ways:

* Click on it and click the relocation button in the control panel, then 
  click where you want it to land.
* Click on it and HOLD, while still holding move the mouse. This will open 
  the Radial Menu. Move the mouse over the relocate icon and release the 
  button, then click where you want it to land.
* Click on it and press the relocate shortcut on your keyboard 
  ('Q' by default), then click where you want it to land.

Before you move any building you should know these three things:

* Buildings don't need energy to fly, but liftoff costs you Zapp 
  (the green resource).
* You need to land buildings in a place where they'll have energy 
  (from a Relay or Mothership) and clean air (from a Purifier), 
  or they won't work.
* At first you can only move 4 structures at once 
  (can be upgrade to 8 with the Techshroom).

-=Good To Know=-
* Buildings that receive serious damage can't fly.
* Buildings will not be attacked whilst in the air.
* You can select the building while it's flying and give it a new 
  destination (don't worry, this will not cost Zapp).
* You can relocate up to 16 structures faster using multiselection.
* When multiselected press the relocate button or shortcut, then start 
  landing structures one after the other. Press the right mouse button 
  to skip the selected building and move to the next one. 

* A structure doesn't need to land completely in the influence zone of 
  a structure for it to work, it just needs to touch it. 
* Open the influence panel (default shortcut - 'X') to show various 
  influence areas while relocating and be precise while landing structures.
* You can click the flight slots to select flying structures easier, 
  click the slot twice to go to that structure. 
* Tap 'A' (default shortcut) to cycle between flying structures.
* You can also go to a selected by pressing space, if you hold space 
  the camera will follow the structure.
* You can control which way a structure faces when it lands by holding 
  and dragging the mouse when you click on the ground. For buildings this 
  is purely for aesthetics, but it gives turrets a slight edge, because 
  if they face the direction of the enemy's attack, they don't waste 
  time rotating into position.

Influences - All You Need to Know:
Written by The Markness Monster.

Influence areas, what do they mean and when do I you need them? 
All explained here!

In Hypernova some buildings have a limited range of effect, this is called 
their influence area. Basic example: if you want a building to receive power
from a Relay, then that building must be in the influence area of the Relay.

Let's get out of the way first though - some buildings have an unlimited range:

* Printamps
* The Meteorbot
* The Obliterator
* The Trapper

Basics of influence areas

-=Seeing influence areas=-
Open the influence area panel. It's the button in the top left of the screen.

As you can see it has the automatic option and a visibility switch for each of 
the influence areas. The automatic setting means that the panel will open 
automatically when relocating buildings. This is very helpful because you always 
need to be mindful where buildings land and it's not always obvious, especially 
when landing on the edges of influence areas.

-=Influence area edges=-
For a building to be affected by an influence area, it doesn't need to be fully 
landed inside of it, the building's selection circle merely touching the influence 
area is enough.

So if you want to maximize the range of your Relays and Purifiers and so on, you 
should always land them on the edges of influence areas, that way you get the 
maximum coverage out of them and have them reach as far as possible.

-=Relays (Power)
The Scynthian Mothership, besides being a 3D printer and having drones and 
purification technology, also has a power generator. But it has a limited range, 
so to relay power to other parts of the map you will need a building aptly called 
the Relay.

All Relays must connect to the Mothership through other Relays. The first Relay 
will always be landed in the influence area of the Mothership. Think of the Relay
as a water sprinkler, if you want water to run through the sprinkler and into the 
lawn around, it needs to connect to a water source.

-=Purifiers (Air)
For Purifiers to work they must be in the influence area of the Mothership or 
Relay. Since the Mothership is already a Purifier it's efficient to land your 
first Purifiers outside the Mothership near your first Relays.

-=Population Buildings
All Cribs must be within range of two buildings - the Hydrator (water) and 
the Grub Hut (food).
If it's not in range of these two buildings population won't start to grow. 
If it goes out of range of one of these two buildings, population will start to drop.

-=Booster buildings
Booster buildings make life better for colonists. This enables them to multiply 
faster and more.

For a booster to work on a Crib, that crib must be in the influence area of that 
Each booster makes the crib population grow faster and increases its capacity.
If you want to maximize the growth speed to 135/min and capacity to 2000 a Crib 
must be in range of a Grub Hut, a Hydrator, and all the booster buildings: 

Other Buildings:
Anything in the influence area of the Fixycoil can be repaired by the Fixycoil.
But remember that the repair-rate is distributed between buildings, so if you 
repair two buildings each building will be repaired half as fast!

The Vvigilant's are of influence reveals regular resource deposits (Upgraded) 
and tells you in advance which lairs in-range will attack.

-=Obliterator missile
The range of the Obliterator missile shows the area where the detonation will 

The Maintainer has a giant range, buildings in its influence will not have 
random fog malfunctions.

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