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  Hints and Tips for: I Fell From Grace 
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 I Fell From Grace Cheats

I Fell From Grace

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the Secret Keys (True Ending):
Written by Quinnfeld

In order to get the "True Ending" you need to collect six hidden keys. 
Here's a short guide to help you do that.

-=The Keys
I'll briefly describe how to get the six secret keys.

On Day 2, there is a VHS tape on a bench between the apartment block and the 
library. Pick this up and give it to the couple arguing in the video store. 
They will give you a key. NB: This is time sensitive. From Day 3 onwards, you 
can no longer find the tape and the couple aren't interested in it anymore 

Go to the occult bookstore in the alley next to the pharmacy. Give the key 
you got from the couple to the proprietor. He will let you keep this key 
and give you another key. 

When you gain access to the third floor of the Liebermann building, there 
is a woman working in 306. She is looking for her grandfather. If you have 
interacted with (he's in the old building, 203), you can tell her where to 
find him. When she leaves, a key is left behind for you. 

From Day 4, the man in Apartment 301 has lost his cat. Tell him you will 
help him find his cat. Then go to the library and go to the right library 
wing. Interact with the bookshelf to try and coax the cat down. Then go 
back to the man in 301 and let him know his cat is in the library. THEN go 
back to the library. Go back to the right library wing and get another key. 

When you climb through the nursery window to get into your house, there is 
a key on the chest of drawers. 

From Day 5, you can find the final key on one of the trees in the back lot 
of the Liebermann building, before the transformers.

-=What to Do Next?
Take the six keys to the park. This area is downtown, between the apartment 
block and the library.

There is a door in the middle of the park. Use the keys on the door and open 
it. This will give you a locket that Grace gave you that you thought lost.

All you need to do know is finish the game. The end cutscene should be 
slightly different, and run into the "True Ending".

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