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  Hints and Tips for: I Hate Running Backwards 
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 I Hate Running Backwards Cheats

I Hate Running Backwards

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
Here are a few very important tips that you need to know when playing I 
Hate Running Backwards, to maximize your score and survivability:

* Always go for Mojo! Mojo is a very essential part of the game – the more you 
collect, the faster you level up and gain powerful perks. Always destroy 
buildings when there is no action happening – never just sit and wait for the 
next wave of enemies or the boss to come – start destroying everything on your 
path! And even when you are fighting hordes of enemies and killing them with 
the hammer – try to destroy a few buildings along with them. You can also kill 
bulls while having a Shield powerup, or by having the Toredaor perk 
(or use an ultimate attack to destroy them) – they also provide you with Mojo.
* Hammer time! Always charge into enemies while using your hammer spin and 
never away from them! In this way you clear the wave of upcoming enemies, 
and you get breathing space again when moving backwards.

* Stay on target! Try to stay in the center of the level, you will never 
know which enemy spawns at the bottom or which trap may appear at the top.
* Stay away from the fatty! Don’t use your hammer attack near the 
bloater – they will blow up and damage you!

* The preciousss… ammo! Don’t waste your ammunition when there is no enemy 
around, keep moving, switch to a stronger weapon when stronger enemies 
appear, don’t hold on to your ultimate attack for too long, and use your 
special weapon if needed – you can refill them frequently.

How to Unlock Fast Finger Freddy:
Freddy is unlocked by getting the Bulls On Parade achievement. To unlock it, 
you need to kill a Werebull. They are a common occurrence in the first world, 
so Freddy can be unlocked fairly early on in the game. He is unlocked 
alongside the Broken Jetpack.

The easiest way to kill the Bull: keep note of his indicator, and when he is 
close enough to you, use an Ultimate attack to take him out in the easiest 
way. Serious Sam’s and Dumpster Dave’s work the best. Killing him with a 
Shield power-up does not count towards the achievement.

How to Defeat The Biomech Boss:
The Biomechanoid boss has two phases: The Mortal Phase and the Shield Phase.

In the Mortal Phase Biomechanoid is able to recieve damage. After a certain 
period of time, Biomechanoid will switch to the Shield Phase, in which a 
pink-coloured shield will appear around Biomechanoid and soak up all the 
damage recieved. In this phase, drones will also appear from the sides of 
Biomechanoid which fly in a straight line towards the player. The only way 
to get rid of the shield is to use the hammer attack to deflect them back 
at Biomechanoid. Once this has been done, Biomechanoid will return to Mortal 
Phase for some time.

The key to defeating Biomechanoid is mobility. Stay as much in the middle-
center as possible all the time, so weapons have enough range to reach 
Biomechanoid, and there is enough room to avoid the many projectiles 
Biomechanoid fires off. The Rocket Powered Boots perk is very much 
recommended for an extra edge in avoiding them. Keep dishing out as much 
damage as possible in the Mortal Phase, then when the Shield Phase comes 
around – don’t bother, just focus purely on reflecting the drones 
Biomechanoid fires off. While it’s certainly possible without perks, 
Super Swinger and Hurricane Heels help immensely in fending the drones off.

How to Beat the King Scorpion Boss:
Written by Roy O'Bannon

Having an issue killing the King of Scorpions? Well, this guide is for you!

-=Becoming the King of Scorpions!=-
The Scorpion king cycles between two different phases: The minigun strafe 
phase and the burrow phase.

In the first phase the trick is to deal as much damage as possible to the 
King Scorpion while staying between his streams of bullets. When you want 
to escape the stream of bullets use your hammer to deflect the bullets and 
escape safely. The acid he fires at the end of a strafe attack cannot be 
deflected in any way, and must be avoided at all costs.

In the second phase. King Scorpion will dig a hole and go underground, 
following you around, and if it manages to position itself directly under 
you, he will use his tail to impale the player and deal damage. 
Additionally, during this phase, a horde of Antaresian Spiders will 
reinforce the Scorpion King and attack you.

To handle the second phase, it's best not to run run in a straight line
from the boss but run in circles around him - use the hammer spin and 
an automatic rifle to deal with the spiders.

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