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  Hints and Tips for: Icescape 
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 Icescape Cheats


Submitted by: David K

Turn around (either direction). Get:
MINTS #1 on bed to the right
MINTS #2 to the left of the toolbox
CLOTHING ITEM #1 (gloves) to the right of the toolbox
Screwdriver inside toolbox.
Turn around again; move dresser underneath vent. Remove screws from vent. 
(Youíll go through automatically.) 

MINTS #3 on the very left near the door
Click on trashcan. Get:
Wire cutters inside trash
CLOTHING ITEM #2 (hat) on countertop
Turn right. Get:
MINTS #4 on the very right, on top of a barrel in front of the vent you came through
PIE #1 inside oven
Click on radio (on countertop towards the middle of the room). Get:
Batteries (turn radio over, use screwdriver)
Turn left. Click on controls next to door. Remove the plate which says "do not remove" 
(use screwdriver). Cut wires (use wire cutter). Put batteries between the cut wires. 
Go through door. 

MINTS #5 just in front of bottom tread
CLOTHING ITEM #3 (jacket) from hook on wall (behind the splatter that used to be the cook)
Go up one flight of stairs. Get:
MINTS #6 from middle of stairs
Go into hallway.

Hallway/secret room:
go forward. (Ceiling falls down). Get:
Pipe/crowbar above and to the right of manhole cover.
Use crowbar to break window of door on the left. Go into room. Get:
MINTS #7 on the floor on the left (in front of a box)
Tape recorder (on top of barrel at the back)
PIE #2 on the floor on the right
Go back out. Use crowbar on manhole cover. Go into manhole.

Wheel thingy on the right
MINTS #8 on the left
Go forward. Use wheel thingy on cover. Go through.

Computer room etc.:
Turn left, go into storage room. Get:
MINTS #9 on shelf on the left
Fuse #1 behind box on floor on the right
Go back out to computer room, go to safe. Open safe. (Instructions are on top.) Get
Fuse #2
Go right, into the generator room. Get:
MINTS #10 on the left
Fuse #3 just under fuse box.
PIE #3 on the floor to the right
Key from hooks on the left wall
Use the key to open the control boxes. Complete the puzzles.
Fuse: move the switches (click the round part) so that each fuse has a single continuous 
line through it, with no dead ends going off anywhere. This puzzle doesnít change, so itís 
just a matter of trying enough times.
Pressure: click the pieces along the bottom in the correct order. Work fast - you need to 
complete the path with enough time for steam to flow through the pipes. Keep in mind that 
the ice pattern needs to match, not just the pipe shape. Flip the generator switch on the 
wall to the right. Go back to computer room. Go to laptop in corner. Get
Annual report from right bottom drawer (close top drawer to get to it)
Look at cover of annual report for username and password. Enter information into laptop. 
Go right, then go into communications room.

Communications room:
Look out the window. When alien appears, shoot him. 
That's it! You win! 

This page includes a detailed walkthrough of Icescape, a fun 3d escape game.

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