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  Hints and Tips for: Icy Tower 
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 Icy Tower Cheats

Icy Tower

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: miya bhai

Cheat mode:
when you playing type "gola rafed" and cheat mode is enable.

Code         Funtion
ghazi      - masab tank
sani       - mustafa nagar
sami       - shaheen nager
akram      - mustafa nager

Submitted by: Jay Changela

To make high scores the only thing you have to do is make running jumps. Start
running from one end of the block to the other and at the end press space bar.
This would make Harold jump about 5 floor in a single jump. This requires lot 
of practice. The other thing that would help you is, make the 'rejump' option 
to YES & the 'ice candy' option to NO. If you want any further help for game or
related sites you may mail me at

Easy points:
Begin running from one end of the block to the other. Press [Space] at the end 
to do a running jump. It is possible for Harold to jump about five floors in a 
single jump. 
Note: This requires practice. Also, set the "Rejump" option to "Yes" and the 
"Ice Candy" option to "No".

Submitted by: lauren

Easy floors:
Create a copy of the game file "tower.cfg" into the game folder and rename the 
file to " Press [Up] while playing the game and you will go up. 

Note: For v1.3.1, create a copy of the game file"tower.cfg" into the game folder
and rename it to "". Then, create a new file named "lets.go.txt". Edit 
that text  file and once opened press [Enter] once, save the file, then rename 
it to "lets.go". Create a new text document named "fun.mode.on.txt". Edit that 
file. Once opened press [Enter] once, save the file, then rename it to "fun.mode.on".
Press [Up] during game play to go up.

Move slower:
Press [F1] while running. 

Move faster:
Press [Tab] while running. 

Large combos:
Try bouncing off the walls repeatedly to get a combo of at least five or more.

Custom version of Harold The Homeboy: 
Enter the "\icy tower\characters\template" folder in Windows Explorer. 
Click the file with the icon of a paint brush on a piece of paper to open a 
sprite version of Harold The Homeboy. Press [Ctrl] + E to open the sprites for 
editing. Do not go out of the purple boxes, and you must make sure that every 
part on every sprite (picture of the character) is the same color. Do not go 
out of Harold's neon green outline. However, you can change the color of the 
outline. Save the image, then play the game with the template character 

Submitted by: RAFI ANSARI

main ek aasi cheat type kar rahoon ke aap ise kane ke baat botot wo hojaiange 

RAFI----------miya bhai's 1000$
sani----------vattapalli CUP 
gazi----------Actoin ka ---
rafed------ --big head and 3000$
mujahed-------full energy +500#
sami--------- 3 chocolates
sanawar------ lolypop with 100$
Level 1 - MASAB TANK
Lavel 6 -9290553957 

Submitted by: raja365

The main thing in this game is to bounce when you collision with wall. That is 
priority, you can jump step-by step but sooner or later you will fall. The best
way is collision.

Submitted by: borrie

to run faster hold tab while jumping and you will win lol.

Jump with out pressing the space bar:
I found this whin i was playing icy tower first you hold the space bar down to
jump, and while holding it down you hold ctrl+alt some times it takes a couple
trys but it works.

Submitted by: faba

Start a game on icy tower and then press numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and you will
see message sweet or good or no way or extreme.

Clock stops:
You enter the password on the game options press,up,down,left and right
plus hold in space bar and password will be you go on to the game 
and as you play you will have noteiced that the clock is not moving. now you can 
play without dieing.

500 floors:
Submitted by: Eric H.

At the begining of any game, type "wuz up" and jump, then, you should see that your 
score is as if you jumped 500 more floors than what you did.

Stop time:
Submitted by: Eric H.
Press [Up] [Down] [Left] [Right] and hold [Space] at the game options screen. Start
the game and the clock will no longer be moving.

Submitted by: jeppe

you shall have cheat engine 5.5 you open cheat engine and find the game in the rigt side 
is there a little computer open it and find icy tower hven you have done it you jump one 
floor up and go to cheat engine and type 1 into the box and then jump up to the next floor 
and press 2 in cheat engine then you press the undromiser butten rigt for the box then you 
jump down to start and press 0 in cheat engine then you jump untill the cheat comes. 

Extreme jumper:
Submitted by: CALLUM

When you start your game hold down space bar and don't let go and you will keep on jumping.

Submitted by: Sanjay Vig

This is an ultimate cheat and with you can reach 10000 or higher floors.
Download icy tower floor controller from here:

and download icy tower floor controller. Extract it and run it. Now you will see a 300floor's
pic on the screen on which harold will be standing. Click on run if you are not playing or 
running icy tower and if you are already running icy tower, click on attach. now in all the 
fields type 29 and click apply. Now start icy tower and you will see all floors are joined to
both ends. with this you can perform a "no way" combo and you will never fall download until 
you stop jumping. Good Luck and Score the Highest Score ever!

Jump without pressing the space bar:
Submitted by: Charlieroxursox!

I figured this out while playing (works every time) To do this, press alt+spacebar and you will 
begin to jump automatically! It's so easy!

Hints for Icy Tower v1.5:
Submitted by: Rahul Nahata

Choosing your character:
If you want to start with basics and if your aim is to reach higher floors then choose the 
character Harold the Homeboy.
If you want to attempt large combos then you should go for Disco Dave.
If you want to balance between your combos and your scores you must choose wild wendy.

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