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  Hints and Tips for: Idle Slayer 
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 Idle Slayer Cheats

Idle Slayer

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Wolveruno

-=Pick Up Coins Achievements=-
The yellow coins are the starting piece used as money and to get these achievements, 
you'll have to collect them individually. They are above to 1/3 from the screen and 
to get, you'll have to jump until you get the magnet upgrades.

Ten Coins - Pick up 10 coins.
Hundred Coins - Pick up 100 coins.
Thousand Coins - Pick up 1,000 coins.
5K Coins - Pick up 5,000 coins.
10K Coins - Pick up 10,000 coins.
50K Coins - Pick up 50,000 coins.
100K Coins - Pick up 100,000 coins.

-=Coins Per Second Achievements=-
These achievements works based on your current CpS, so a big boost from random boxes 
can get you these achievements a bit earlier than you otherwise would. Your slayed souls 
increases the CpS after ascending.

A Loan - Get 10K coins per second.
A Public Work - Get 100M coins per second.
A Continent Income - Get 1Qa coins per second.
A Galactic Income - Get 1Sx coins per second.
A Hypercumulus Income - Get 1Oc coins per second.
Surreal Income - Get 1De coins per second.
Divine Income - Get 10De coins per second.
Negative Income - Get 100Ud coins per second.
Too Much Income - Get 100Td coins per second.

-=Total Coins Achievements=-
These are for the total value of your coins.

10 Thousands - Get 10K coins.
One Stick - Get 1M coins.
1 Trillion - Get 1T coins.
1 Quintillion - Get 1Qi coins.
1 Septillion - Get 1Sp coins.
1 Nonillion - Get 1No coins.
1 Undecillion - Get 1Ud coins.
1 Tredecillion - Get 1Td coins.
1 Quindecillion - Get 1Qd coins.

-=Rubies Achievements=-
There is a coin upgrade called Rubbies that gives you 5% chance of spawning a 
ruby instead of a coin. A Ruby has a value of 15 Coins.

Indidle Jones - Pick up 150 rubies.
Scarlet Master - Pick up 1,000 rubies.

-=Enemies Slayed Achievements=-
Pass though the creatures and your character you kill with sword. Further ahead, 
you can buy a upgrade from the ascension tree to unlock the bow.

100 Slayed - Slay 100 enemies.
500 Slayed - Slay 500 enemies.
1,000 Slayed - Slay 1,000 enemies.
5,000 Slayed - Slay 5,000 enemies.
10,000 Slayed - Slay 10,000 enemies.
25,000 Slayed - Slay 25,000 enemies.
50,000 Slayed - Slay 50,000 enemies.

-=Bow Achievements=-
The ability to use the Bow is unlocked through the ascension upgrade Sacred Book 
of Projectiles. Once the Sacred Book of Projectiles is unlocked, you can fire 
arrows by jumping again while in the air.

Bow Novice - Slay 100 enemies with the bow.
Bow Pro - Slay 10,000 enemies with the bow.

Into the Horde event from the random box, you can easily kill more than 8. 
Upgrades that increases spawn rate can help getting the achievement outside this event.

One Arrow Eight Kills - Kill 8 enemies with one single arrow.

-=Portal Achievements=-
You can teleport to new areas from 8 to 8 hours and decrease this limit with 
ascension upgrades. Stage bonus portals counts to these achievements.

Where Am I? - Go through a portal for the first time.
Wraith - Go through a portal 100 times.

-=Boost Achievements=-
The boost ability can be bought for 75 coins. The Slayer's Boost ability allows
 you to run at a 3.5x speed for 10 seconds, during which the speed slows back to 
normal over the duration. The base cooldown for boosting is 30 seconds. With both 
max speed increase upgrades, the boosts causes the Slayer to run at 4.25x speed. 
This also extends the duration of the Boost to 13 seconds.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Use the boost 100 times.
Gotta Go Fast - Use the boost 250 times.
Idle Slayer & KNUCKLES - Use the boost 500 times.
Super Sonic - Use the boost 1,000 times.
Faster Than 88 MPH - Use the boost 2,500 times.
Light Speed - Use the boost 5,000 times.
Superluminal - Use the boost 10,000 times.

The next achievement requires the Cheap Cooldown ascension upgrade and the Frenzy 
Random event to decrease the boost cooldown quickly enough.

Boosted Boost - Use the boost while using the boost.

-=Upgrades Achievements=-
These are from upgrades bought from the green upper arrow.

Upgrades III - Have a total of 50 upgrades in one ascension.
Upgrades VIII - Have a total of 200 upgrades in one ascension.

Press the Buy All Available button when you have money to buy 25 upgrades at once.

I'll Take Everything - Buy 25 upgrades all at once.

-=Quests Achievements=-
There are normal upgrades that unlocks new quests that range from killing certain 
enemies to collecting coins, rubies or emeralds for a specific number. After reaching 
the number, claim the quest to receive a in-game reward and these achievements.

Quests Slayer I - Claim 4 quests.
Quests Slayer II - Claim 8 quests.
Quests Slayer III - Claim 15 quests.

-=Playtime Achievements=-
These achievements are tracking the days from where you started playing.

Welcome Back! - Play the game for 2 days.
Not Idling - Play the game for 7 days.
The Importance of Being Idle - Play the game for 14 days.

-=In-Game Achievements=-
There are 413 in-game achievements and only 65 from these are Steam achievements. 
Click on the bag and on the 3 dots from the right menu and on the achievements 
button to see the in-game achievements. Some achievements are hidden.

Easy Task - Unlock 50 achievements.
Collector - Unlock 100 achievements.
The Completionist - Unlock 150 achievements.
Achieve The Impossible - Unlock 200 achievements.

-=100 Slayer Points=-
Get a lifetime total of 100 Slayer Points. How to get in the And Beyond achievement 

100 Slayer Points - Get a lifetime total of 100 Slayer Points.

-=And Beyond=-
The Slayer's first ascension can be made when enough Souls are gathered for 20 Slayer 
Points (SP). Souls are gained after unlocking the Souls Flask and Soul Gatherer. The 
number of Souls needed for one SP is equal to 12+LifetimeSlayerPoints x 4. In other 
words, the cost for each SP is 4 more than the previous, and the first costs 12 Souls. 
Souls are gained by killing Enemies.

And Beyond - Ascend for the first time.

-=Random But Not Random=-
Random Boxes can be unlocked for 100 Coins and spawn every 30-120 seconds. 
Hitting them from the bottom will trigger a random event. Silver and Purple 
specials boxes counts to total.

Random But Not Random - Trigger 500 Random Boxes

-=Nice Jump=-
Jump on top of a random box then jump off of it.

Nice Jump - Jump high.

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