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  Hints and Tips for: Idol Manager 
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 Idol Manager Cheats

Idol Manager

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Use Custom Images in Your Game:
Written by Yukoumminst

In this guide I will explain how to use custom images to create wacky 
scenarios. And now you can have master chief singing in the field for you.

-=What to Do=-
* To use your custom portraits in the game, go into your file explorer 
  on Windows.
* Head into your local disk drive that contains users
* Then select your account folder in users.
* If the appdata folder is hidden - unhide it and if not proceed.
* Go to LocalLow and look for the idol managers folder which should 
  be in the glitch pitch folder.
* Once you are in the idle managers folder go to cache.
* Then portraits and start clicking around for your characters in your 
  save games that already started.
* Then once you found your specific characters portraits that say stuff 
  like big.png and so on copy and paste your custom image into the folder.
* Rename it to big.png and do it for all the others as well so that you 
  get it in all events.
* Done.

Note: if you change the custom character's appearance in the game it will 
reset the character and to fix it. A new folder will appear and just do 
the same thing as described above.

List of All Idol Traits:
Written by This Rice Eater

A simple list of all idol traits and their descriptions.

In all, there are 39 traits to be found within Idol Master:

– More prone to romantic involvement

– When participating in group activities, the other girls participating consume 
1.2x more stamina than usual

– Gets a slight reduction in all stats when you have a big event in production

– Becomes less likable after centering a single

– Doesn’t get involved in relationships

– Penalty to dance, bonus to comedy

– Decrease to performance stats after centering a single 
(penalty to vocal and dance)

– Penalty to all stats if your latest single didn’t top the chart

– Doesn’t hold a grudge

High Maintenance 
– Drains stamina 1.5x faster than normal, but spa treatment will restore 
4x more stamina

– Spends 2x stamina on handshake events

– Can’t keep a secret 
(prone to leak information in interviews or social media)

Jack of All Trades 
– Idol learns 50% faster when training whichever stat is currently 
their lowest

Late Bloomer 
– Stats increase with age instead of declining

– Lowers max physical stamina by 30pt

Live Fast 
– Amplifies stat loss due to aging

Lone Wolf 
– Stat bonus when hosting a show alone

– Events that would damage relationships hurt less

– Gets along better with younger girls

Meme Queen 
– Increases success chance of all viral marketing campaigns and minor 
boost to all online content

– Interacts poorly with male fans (20% chance to get a negative opinion 
point for male fans after a handshake event)

– Treats the group as a side gig 
(Training is 10x faster, but costs 5x stamina)

– More likely to report real scandals to player, but will also 
sometimes falsely report scandalous behavior to the player even when 
nothing is wrong

– Takes a hit to mental stamina when an event they participated 
in goes poorly

– 2x bonus to photoshoot payments

– Gets along better with older girls

– Training sessions are 30% faster

– Recovers faster when stamina falls below 65%

– Won’t report scandals/problems to the player

– Unafraid of scandal

– Reports possible scandals even if relationship with player 
is not good enough

– Consumes stamina twice as fact, recovers stamina half as fast

– Penalties for low stamina are drastically reduced

– When idol’s physical stamina falls below 50pt, she has a 30% 
chance to consume no stamina when doing any activity

Thick Skin 
– Immune to bullying and online harrassment

– Bonus appeal with teen and young adult fans, less appeal with adult fans

– Bonus to all stats if your latest single didn’t top the chart

Weak Vocal Chords 
– Spends 2x more stamina on performances

– Penalty to all stats when your group has scandal points

-=Trait IDs=-
For the sake of modding or save editing, 
all traits will have their IDs listed here:

None = 0,
Prodigy = 1
Hypochondriac = 2
Thick Skin = 3
Clumsy = 4
Jack of All Trades = 5
Annoying = 6
Tenacious = 7
Lazy = 8
Misandry = 9
Asexual = 10
Indiscreet = 11
Snitch = 12
Maternal = 13
Precocious = 14
Weak Vocal Chords = 15
Underdog = 16
Defeatist = 17
Worrier = 18
Arrogant = 19
Complacent = 20
Lone Wolf = 21
Anxiety = 22
Live Fast = 23
Late Bloomer = 24
Forgiving = 25
Paranoid = 26
Secretive = 27
Trendy = 28
Perfectionist = 29
High Maintenance = 30
Photogenic = 31
Meme Queen = 32
Amorous = 33
Loyal = 34
Steadfast = 35
Resilient = 36
Shameless = 37
Spoiled = 38
Moonlighter = 39

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