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  Hints and Tips for: I-Dressup 
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 I-Dressup Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Cake Factory: Easy coins:
How to make 5O to make 50 I-Coins.

1. Go to "Gameway".
2. Go to "Cake Factory".
3. Press "Play".
4. Start the cake oon as u can.
5. When u find, it will gofast to the other side of the conveyor belt.
6. Mean while click on the cake toppings and drag them to other cake 
   toppings like if urre arranging them. 
7. Then when u hear that litle "ding", stop and repeat steps after 4.
8. Keep doing this cuz everytime u do that u will earn 1 coin like 
   completed a cake.
9. Keep doin that till u have 50.
10.Trust me it works i earn a lot of coins.

How to get the really white hair colours:
First, you click on the link 'Primp Me'. Then before the avatar has fully 
loaded, click on the hair icon that lets you change hair colour/type etc.
then on the little screen just to the right of the dressing table, it will
actually show the face icon instead of the hair, and the skin colour tones.
DONT CHANGE IT, finally-click on the colour you want and instead of the 
colour appearing on face, it will on the hair.

Note: It works also on the other face features. Just instead of clicking on
the hair symbol, click on a different one.

How to put itoon clothes on ilook:
Go to your izone and click Itoon itoon will apear then click ilook but before 
it changes click the item of clothing you want. The clothes on your itoon will
disapear. Then when it changes to ilook drag the garment and put it on her/him.

1.Hold down the mouse button don't let go when its changing back to ilook.
2.Add me in i-dressup my name is bhill3445!
3.The clothes will not change size so be carefull.
4.this will work the other way around (How to put ilook clothes on itoon!).

How to get i-coins:
Submitted by: PurpleQueen360

1. go to the decor shop
2 .click on accessories
3. when you clicked on accessoiries you will see other's click on it 
4. you will see a Green Glass Vase
5. click on save and the vase will pop up and it will say (pay now) DON'T CLICK ON IT !!!!
6. press the arrow up and keep on doing it till you reach 90 because your wall will freez 
   if you get too much because you will have to much stuff in your i-zone!!!!
7. then press pay now and there you go!!! you bought them for 0 i-coins because htey are 
   0 i-coins !!!!
8. then recycle them all and you will get 2 i-coins after you recycle some thing so oyu 
   wil get 190 i-coins !!!!
9. kepp on doing this till you want to stop !!!!

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