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  Hints and Tips for: Ignis Universia 
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 Ignis Universia Cheats

Ignis Universia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Achievements Guide:
Written by Xerxes126

A guide on how to get all of the achievements in Ignis Universia.

Learned about the goblin in the castle.

At the start of the game go to Dundere and speak to Silvanna.

"What can you tell me about Dundere?"
"What about nearby areas?"

-=The Tank Princess=-
Why hasn't she killed the goblin then?

After that, go to Fortress of Starlight Doom and speak with the Peasant.

"So tell me about this castle?"

-=Dungeon Expert=-
Get Mordina to talk about the dungeon.

Go back to Dundere and speak with Silvanna. Ask her why she's so glum 
and she will then proceed to tell you about Mordina. Next, head to the 
Pits of Despair and speak with Mordina herself.

"So no heroes in here?"
"So, what else is here?"

Defeats are a girl's best friend

-=Lose a fight=-
We simply need to lose a fight in order to get this. After asking Mordina 
how she ended up in there, go back to Dundere and get Silvanna to join the 
party. Go back to the Pits of Despair and fight Mordina. She will then 
brutally one shot you with a fireball and thus the achievement.

Note: Make sure you head to the Pits of Despair before fighting the goblin 
and getting Zena, as this will tie into another achievement later.

-=Goblins Always Crit=-
Die in the first fight.

You have to die in the first fight against the goblin. This is completely 
luck based and it will typically die by Silvanna's third hit. If you beat 
the goblin, simply restart the game and try again. 
Although I highly recommend just coming back for this one later.

-=Can't Get Enough=-
Lose to Mordina with both Silvanna and Silvanna and Zena.

Go back to the Pits of Despair with Zena and challenge Mordina again. 
In battle, lose to her a second time. If you did it correctly, you will get 
some slightly different dialogue and the achievement.

-=Too Soon=-
Lose to undead unicorn with too small party.

After recruiting at least one of the Chosen Sisters, head to The Hellfire 
Peak prematurely to challenge the Undead Unicorn. With 3 or less members 
in the party, lose and the achievement will unlock.

-=Amateur DJ=-
Toggle music on and off 10 times.
Just spam the music button in the corner of the screen to get this.

-=Complete the game=-
Just simply finish the game in order to get this.

-=GRRM Certified Bittersweet Ending=-
Win with casualties.

Destroy the sphere in Mordina's lair, then in the final boss fight with 
the Undead Unicorn, win with a fallen party member.

Where's The Autosave?

-=Get Game Over=-
Destroy the sphere, then lose in the final boss fight.

-=Ain't Seen No Defeat Screen=-
Complete the game without a lost fight.

This one may seem difficult at first, however with a bit of luck and knowledge 
on how the boss fights work, this can easily be done.

Note: Make sure to avoid fighting Mordina until you have the rest of the 
Chosen Sisters. The game actually doesn't force you to go straight to the 
Pits of Despair after recruiting Silvanna. Go recruit Zena first, then Eleanna, 
and then finally Mordina. Other than that, the toughest boss fight is the 
Eternal Forest's "sidequest" boss. Just make sure to cycle through healing with 
Eleanna and use Zena's shield. Then when necessary, encourage so you can switch 
to Zena's greatsword (as that's your biggest source of damage in this battle) 
and cure its poison with Eleanna. 
Mordina's blind is also very useful during this fight.

-=Victorious Sister Warfare=-
Complete the game without a single death.

This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. This requires an insane 
amount of luck to do since enemies can decide to attack the frail Eleanna and 
(somewhat frail) Silvanna whenever they want. I have no solid advice on how 
to get this except pray to RNGesus.

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