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 Iji Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Iji has a host of content that can be unlocked through various means.

Unlockable                 How to Unlock	
Alternate Outfit         - Beat the game on Extreme or higher.
Enemy Information        - Achieve the "Immortal" gameplay rank.
Play Hero 3D Menu Option - Beat the game on Hard or higher.
Sector Maps              - Beat the game on Normal or higher.
Single Sector Play       - Beat the game on Normal or higher.
Sound Test Menu Option   - Beat the game on Normal or higher.
Sudden Death Sector      - Beat the game on Hard or higher.
Turbo Mode               - Beat the game on Ultimoral.
Weapon Information       - Achieve the "Nanomaster" gameplay rank.

Reboot - Reset Stat Points:
At any time during the game (except during boss battles), press and hold 
down (crouch) and press C C C Z to "reboot" Iji's nanofield, resetting 
all stats (excluding jump and armor upgrades) and returning all spent 
points, at the cost of most of your ammo and health. You will also no 
longer regain health from upgrading your health stat for the remainder
of the sector.

Unlocking Sector Z:
This strange secret level is accessed through a teleporter in Sector 1 
after finding all 10 posters. Starta game and go to the upper left part
of the level, but don't kill all guards on the way. There should be a 
lift with a breakable wall on the left. Usually there is a brown enemy
Scout on the far right of the lift, but after collecting all 10 posters
he will change into a grey Soldier (they have Rocket launcher attacks).
You must lure the Soldier to the left and then dodge (duck) his incoming 
missle, allowing it to break the breakable wall to the left. Pass through
the newly opened passage and enter teleporter to secret Sector Z. After 
accessing it once it is added to the Single Sector Warp list.

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