Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile 
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 Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile Cheats

Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

To use a cheat code from within the game press [Enter] while on the city 
level to bring up a dialogue box. Type in any of the cheat codes along with 
any parameters and press [Enter] again. Cheat codes that affect a building 
(inventory or satisfaction) require it to be selected first, and the cheats 
only work on one building at a time. If cheat codes are used in a scenario, 
it will make a note of this in the save game and upon victory or loss, 
the fact that one cheated is displayed on the victory/loss screen. 

Warning: The use of cheat codes is not supported and some (such as Osiris) 
may cause unintended results, including exit from the game. 

Code                         Effect
Amun                       - Display a list of all of the cheats.
Anubis [player_id]         - Kills all units controlled by the player.
Bast [resourcenum][amount] - Same as Ptah, but creates a storage area and
                             adds the resource to it.
Hapi                       - Restores all units hit points back to max.
Hathor [full unitid]       - View indicated unit.
Hathor [player][unitid]    - Focuses the camera on the unit.
Horus                      - Toggle free palace upgrade.
Isis [resourcenum][amount] - Removes resources from a building.
Ma'at                      - Redistributes food as if harvest came in.
Osiris                     - Will fill a building to the max with all of
                             its resources.
Ptah [resourcenum][amount] - Adds an [amount] amount of resource to the 
                             selected building. The amount is optional. If not
                             included, it will fill the building to the max.
Ra [number]                - Adds envoy to palace. Limited by prestige.
Set                        - Automatic Loss!
Worship [xcoord] [ycoord]  - Focuses the camera on [xcoord,ycoord].
Thoth                      - Win current level.
Sobek                      - Clear all household inventory.
Sobek Goods                - Clear goods inventory. 
Sobek Food                 - Clear food inventory.

Resources List:
 2 Wheat 
 3 Wood, Acacia 
 4 Block, Fine Limestone 
 5 Gold 
 6 Bricks (straw) 
 7 Block, Limestone 
 9 Reeds (papyrus) 
10 Clay 
11 Straw 
14 Emeralds 
15 Flax 
16 Copper 
17 Tin 
18 Kohl 
19 Oil 
22 Henna 
23 Barley 
24 Lettuce 
25 Onions 
26 xBeef 
27 Fish 
28 Fowl 
29 Grapes 
30 Pomegranates 
32 Dates 
33 Rushes 
34 Leather 
35 Quartz 
36 Turquoise 
37 Flowers 
39 Mats, Rushes
40 Baskets, Rushes 
41 Pottery 
42 Linen 
43 Cosmetics, Kohl 
44 Perfume, Henna 
45 Sandals, Rush 
46 Papyrus 
47 Sculpture, Clay 
48 Jewelry (emerald) 
49 Furniture, Reeds 
50 Incense 
51 Spices 
52 Monkeys 
53 Furs 
55 Armor 
57 Jewelry (turquoise) 
58 Furniture, Acacia 
59 Sculpture, Basalt 
60 Jewelry (faience) 
61 Kopesh 
62 Weapons 
63 Bricks (reeds) 
64 Bricks (rushes) 
65 Jewelry (gold) 
66 Bread (barley) 
67 Wine (date) 
68 Wine (pomegranate) 
69 Wine (fig) 
70 Beer 
71 Bread (wheat) 
72 Jewelry (turquoise&emerald) 
73 Myrrh 
74 Mats, Reeds 
75 Baskets, Reeds 
76 Perfume, Flowers 
77 Perfume, Myrrh 
78 Cosmetics, Henna 
79 Chariot 
80 Generic Food 
81 Stele, Granite, Small 
82 Statue, Basalt, Large 
83 Statue, Basalt, Small 
84 Stele, Granite, Large 
86 Wood, Cedar 
87 Furniture, Cedar 
88 Sculpture, Bronze 
89 Cosmetics, Copper 
90 Sandals, Leather 
91 Fruit Tree 
92 Obelisk, Small 
94 Obelisk, Large 
95 Ship 
96 Sandals, Leather and Rush 
97 Jewelry (turquoise&gold) 
98 Jewelry (emerald&gold) 
99 Jewelry (turquoise&emerald&gold) 
100 Sculpture, Copper 
101 Sculpture, Tin 
102 Cosmetics, Copper, Henna and Kohl

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View 
all my games", then the game and view stats.

Abu            : Abu Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Asyut          : Asyut Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Bubastis       : Bubastis Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Djedu          : Djedu Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Grand Campaign : Grand Campaign Complete. 
Henen-Nesu     : Henen-Nesu Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Itjtawy        : Itjtawy Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Iunet          : Iunet Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Iunu           : Iunu Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Khmun          : Khmun Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Men-Nefer      : Men-Nefer Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Nekhen         : Nekhen Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Nubt           : Nubt Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Pi-Ramesse     : Pi-Ramesse Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Shedet         : Shedet Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign. 
Waset          : Waset Scenario Completed in Grand Campaign.

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