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 Incoming Cheats


Cheat Codes:
You type NUMBERONEDACRESTREET at the main menu it brings 
you to a menu and you can get many cheats from there 
including 5 new secret levels...

Hold down SHIFT and type:
Code                  Result 
WIREWEWAITING       - Turns off the textures
WHATSTHEPOINT       - Turns graphics to the dots
SOLIDASAROCK        - Invulnerability
FLATBROKE           - No shading
GOURAUD             - Gouraud shading on
OLDMACDONALD        - Protect farm from jumping COWS !!!
FLYMETOTHEMOON      - Racing in the moon
HAVEALL             - You got it all
SUPERDAISY          - One shot kills 'em all
INVUNERABILITY      - That's just what it seems
INFINITELIVES       - And so is this one
INFINITEWEAPONS     - Infinite weapons
MASTEROFTHEUNIVERSE - Atleast it changes textures on & off
Function keys turn cheats on&off
F2  - Easy Shoot
F3  - Invulnerability
F4  - Infinite lives
F5  - Infinite weapons
F6  - Smart bomb
F7  - Quit
F8  - Stores current situation
F9  - Reloads stored situation
F10 - Frame wait on/off
F11 - Restart

Submitted by Sebastian

Extra help on the moon:
In the second mission when you have a tank, go up next to the turret on the 
hill, and the top of your screen will say "Gun Turret Activated". The turret, 
along with another aircraft will start shooting at the enemies. This will give 
you a good opportunity to destroy the force fields in the nearby area while 
the enemies are busy with the rest of your team.

Arctic level: Man on toilet:
In the second mission (Arctic level) first phase where you start with the hovertank, 
turn right slightly until you see a pad/chopper. Go to it. When you get in front of 
it, turn right slightly until you see a light bulb-shaped radar. Destroy it. Go to 
where it used to be, then turn right slightly to see two port-a-potties. 
Shoot them to see a man on the toilet, reading a newspaper.

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