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 Industry Empire Cheats

Industry Empire

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [Industry Empire]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option 
for your username's achievements.

Achievement                           How to unlock
... Like Hotcakes                   - Make a single deal of 10,000 units.
0% Financing                        - Sell 50,000 video game consoles and LCD TVs.
An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away- Produce 200,000 fruits (Apple, Cherry, Orange).
Arrrr!                              - Produce 1,200,000 Rum and Whiskey.
BBQ                                 - Sell 150,000 meat (Beef, Pork).
Big Business Owner                  - Own 20 different buildings.
Biodiversity                        - Breed 4 different types of animals at the same time.
Blinky                              - Own a nuclear power plant.
Bottoms Up!                         - Produce 800,000 Beer.
Bulk Delivery                       - Make a single deal of 1,000 units.
Car Connoisseur                     - Own 10 different vehicles.
Category 9 Storm                    - Produce 1,000 kW of electricity with wind turbines.
Cattle Baron                        - Breed 8,000 animals (Cow, Pig, Sheep).
Completionist                       - Finish all scenarios.
Curator Aquarium                    - Supply over 400 water from the rain treatment plant.
Economic Upturn                     - Grow 2 cities in the current game over level 40.
Editor's Choice                     - Sell 50,000 books.
Egghead                             - Sell 50,000 eggs.
Eighty Soccer Fields                - Own 800,000 m of land.
Extremely Flammable                 - Produce 400,000 Gasoline and Diesel.
Global Player                       - Earn 2,500,000 by trading on the global market.
Go Green!                           - Produce 2,700 kW of electricity with bio-gas plants, solar plants and wind turbines.
Grandmaster Agriculturalist         - Produce at least 18 different types of crops at the same time.
Great Harvest                       - Sell 100,000 field products (Corn, Wheat, Tomato).
Halftime                            - Finish 3 scenarios.
Hammer and Pick                     - Dig 200,000 metal ores (Iron, Copper, Aluminum).
Hear Me Roar!                       - Produce 10,000 Gold Bullions.
Industrial Magnate                  - Own 35 different buildings.
Jackpot                             - Build a mine on a location with over 11,000 metal ore (Iron, Copper, Aluminum).
Journeyman Agriculturalist          - Produce at least 6 different types of crops at the same time.
Juicy                               - Sell 700,000 juice (Apple Juice, Orange Juice).
Local Provider                      - Trade with 2 different cities.
Made Man                            - Reach 15,000,000 in your account.
Master Agriculturalist              - Produce at least 12 different types of crops at the same time.
Metropolis                          - Grow 5 cities in the current game over level 40.
Milky Way                           - Sell 500,000 Low-fat Milk.
Motorization                        - Produce 22,000 vehicles (Car, SUV, Van).
Not Bad!                            - Earn 10,000 in a single trade.
Novice Agriculturalist              - Produce at least 3 different types of crops at the same time.
One Hundred and Fifty Soccer Fields - Own 1,500,000 m of land.
Peak? What Peak?                    - Pump 300,000 oil.
Peanuts                             - Earn 1,000 in a single trade.
Prospectors Wanted!                 - Build a Geo Survey Institute.
Radiant Future                      - Dig 500 Uranium.
Regional Provider                   - Trade with 5 different cities.
Ruhr Valley                         - Produce 8,000 Steel.
Sausage Fest                        - Sell 50,000 sausages.
Silicon Valley                      - Produce 700,000 Microchips.
Slow-moving Traffic                 - Own 50 vehicles.
Small Business Owner                - Own 8 different buildings.
Sterling Cutlery                    - Produce 10,000 Silver Bars.
Steven Seagull                      - Sell 30,000 fish.
Summer Sale                         - Sell 500,000 video games.
Sweet Tooth                         - Produce 500,000 Sugar.
The Big Fish                        - Earn 40,000 in a single trade.
The Colonel                         - Breed 60,000 Chickens.
Thirty Soccer Fields                - Own 300,000 m of land.
Too Greedy and Too Deep             - Dig 12,000 precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum).
Top Earner                          - Earn 1,000,000 by trading with cities.
Traffic Jam                         - Own 150 vehicles.
Vintage                             - Own a vehicle for 10 years.
We Need More Lockers!               - Hire more than 80 workers.
Workers of the World, Unite!        - Hire more than 300 workers.

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