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  Hints and Tips for: Infinite Adventures 
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 Infinite Adventures Cheats

Infinite Adventures

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mana: This is the familiar RPG resource most are used to. It depletes when using 
spells and can be restored by resting back in town, hard to find mana potions, or 
the rare healing devices that can be found in the dungeon. Each mana using class 
also has a mechanic to restore mana. For example Soul Callers can learn “Body to 
Mind” which converts a portion of wand damage dealt to mana. Max mana rises every 
level up.

Focus: Energy resource that is always measured between 0 and 50. It restores very 
quick outside of combat +10 per step, but slower in combat +10 per turn. Focus 
characters tend to start a battle with full Focus almost always. This makes them 
great for random battles but a bit off and on during longer boss fights. You also 
restore +20 focus if your character evades an attack or lands a critical hit.

Rage: Builds up when you take or deal damage. Always measured between 0 and 100. 
It decays by -5 rage per step outside of combat. Rage characters aren’t the best 
at random battles, but they are exceptional in long drawn out boss fights where 
they can build up significant rage.

Astral: Absorb the mana energy of players and enemies to charge this resource. 
Always measured between 0 and 150. Whenever anyone on your team or any enemy in 
combat uses a spell, 50% of the mana used will charage the Astral of any character 
that uses it. This makes Astral the hardest to use resource. Late game Astral 
using skills are some of the strongest in the game.

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