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  Hints and Tips for: INFRA 
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 INFRA Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Start the game with a command line parameter in your game directory:
infra.exe -dev -console.
Here is how you add a command line parameter to a video game's shortcut icon 
on your PC desktop: Locate the shortcut to the video game on your desktop. 
Right click the file and select Properties. Under the shortcut tab, you will 
see an area that says Target, this will list the exact location of the file 
within quotation marks. Modify the Target adding the command line variables 
after the last quotation mark. Press apply and start your game via the shortcut.

During the game access the console by pressing the tilde (~), type sv_cheats 1, 
then enter the following codes:

Code                         Effect
god                       - immortality.
give                      - the item of weapons.
buddha                    - reduce health.
hurtme #                  - hurt the player (# - value of damage).
impulse 101               - all weapons.
notarget                  - invisibility.
noclip                    - walk through walls.
maps                      - list of maps.
map                       - download a map.
+mlook                    - mouse lock.
viewmodel_fov #           - set the size of the weapon (54 by default).
exec                      - run the script.
cl_showfps 1              - number of frames per second.
npc_create                - create NPC.
setpos                    - move the player.
sv_gravity #              - set gravity value.
sv_stopspeed #            - set minimum stop speed.
sv_maxvelocity #          - the maximum speed of the moving object.
air_density #             - set the air density.
sv_soundemitter_filecheck - message switch for the lost * .wav files.
mat_numtextureunits #     - the restriction of number of textures.

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