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  Hints and Tips for: inMomentum 
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 inMomentum Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Bonek

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                How to unlock
A Bad Day                - Lose 5 races in a row.
A Series Of Tubes        - Host 50 online games.
All Mine!                - Collect more than 60% of powerups yourself in 
                           an online match.
Bounce                   - Jump more than 5000 times in total in Online Games.
Deathwish                - Kill yourself 100 times in an online game.
Dominating               - Win 10 consecutive races.
Feet Of Flames           - Don't stop moving even for just a second in an 
                           online game.
First to the Finish Line - Win a multiplayer race.
Getting The Hang of It   - Finish 10 Runs either single or multiplayer.
Hacker                   - Hit the same target three times in a row simultaneously
                           without missing, while the target is moving with speed 
                           above 200.
Hat Trick                - Win 3 consecutive races
Hyperspace               - Finish 5000 runs either in single or multiplayer
I Believe I Can Fly      - Stay in the air for more than 15 seconds without touching
                           any surface on Gamer Difficulty.
Im on a Boat            - Ride on top of a player for X seconds.
InMomentum               - Finish 1000 Runs either single or multiplayer.
I?ve Got A Pogo Stick    - Use the Megajump Powerup more than 10 times in a single 
                           Online Game.
Master                   - Make it to the top of any leaderboard.
Ninja                    - Execute 50 walljumps in a row without touching the ground.
Ninja Trainee            - Execute 25 walljumps in a row without touching the ground.
OutMomentum              - Dont move for X seconds.
Owning                   - Win 200 multiplayer races.
Paying Respect           - Watch all of the credits.
Pwning                   - Win 1000 multiplayer races.
Shadow Ninja             - Execute 100 walljumps in a row without touching the ground.
Shiny Particles          - Shoot every gate switch yourself in an online match.
Slow Down!               - Use the Timeslow Powerup in one match more than 10 times 
                           in an Online Game.
Speeding                 - Finish 200 Runs either single or multiplayer.
Starting the Roll        - Finish 50 Runs either single or multiplayer.
Streaking                - Win 5 consecutive races.
The Answer to Life       - Found the ?pancake? secret.
The Art of Movement      - Collect all achievements.
The Winds of War awaken! - Find the secret Dilogus reference level.
This Is Sparta!          - Shoot players online a total of 300 times.
Transonic                - Finish 2000 Runs either single or multiplayer.
Treasure Hoarder         - Collect 5000 Scorepoints.
Treasure Hunter          - Collect 2500 Scorepoints.
Treasure Scavenger       - Collect 1000 Scorepoints.
Untouchable              - Win a race with at least one lap ahead of any other player.
Vendetta                 - Use two of each offensive powerup, and shoot every player 
                           at least two times in a single Online Game.
Winning                  - Win 50 multiplayer races.

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