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 In Search of Dr. Riptide Cheats

In Search of Dr. Riptide

Level Passwords:
Episode    Password            Level Name
1                              Shallow Sea
1          UR2GD               Micro Menace
1          URGR8               Tulip Tango
1          4GOOD               Red Tide
1          2MUCH4U             Fathom's of Teeth
1          ACE                 Think Tank
1          BS1                 Oscar's Lair
1          SEC1                Outpost Enigma
2          DNUNDR              Atlantis
2          OUT2GTU             Aqua Tremendom
2          AIC                 Spawning Waters
2          HANG10              JASON Quest
2          RUN4IT              Frantic Attack
2          BS2                 Enter Otis
2          SEC2                ??????
3          GETIT               Sea Escape
3          URINDE              Deep Enigma
3          SOS                 Sink or Swim
3          RUN2ME              Marathon
3          512TR               Lab Rynth
3          2B4UDY              Abyss of Peril
3          HOH                 Halls of Hell
3          RIP                 Mysterious Maze
3          BS3                 Confrontation

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