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  Hints and Tips for: In Sound Mind  
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 In Sound Mind Cheats

In Sound Mind 

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Murder of Crows Achievement Guide:
Written by J. Gray Dingler

A guide for this easy to miss achievement.

Tape 2 Ė Allen
To get the ďA Murder of CrowsĒ achievement for In Sound Mind you just 
need to shoot a single crow at any point in the game. The problem is 
crows are incredibly rare in this game and seem to only appear during 
very specific moments. After not finding a decent guide for this 
achievement anywhere else online, I decided to make my own guide real 
quick. This is the fastest and most reliable method I found for shooting 
a crow for In Sound Mind:

You want to start Tape 2, Allenís tape. Select the yellow tape, place 
it in the tape player, press play and enter the glowing door after the 
transition. Youíll pass through the prologue to Allenís level. There 
MIGHT be crows in here but I never found any I can recall, and if you 
donít see any just keep moving forward until you reach the door on the 
other end which sends you to the start of Allenís level.

Make sure you have a pistol equipped as itís the easiest weapon to shoot 
crows with. If you donít have any ammo for your pistol, you can turn 
left from start and continue until you reach a small walled in section 
with a rowboat lying on the beach. Thereís a box of pistol ammo in it. 
Once armed, youíll want to go right from start and keep moving until you 
find the desolate shack lying on the beach.

Itíll start pulsing with light and you need to go inside and collect the 
lighthouse bulb. After you collect the bulb, spin around so youíre facing 
the way you came in. Past the entrance, you should see a sloping path of 
rock wall ahead of you that takes you upwards and to the right.

Head to that path and, as you ascend, look up and a little to the left. 
You should see a fence on the cliff above you with a few trees behind it. 
There are three crows resting on this fence. You can take aim and try to 
shoot one from a distance as soon as you spot them.

Alternatively, as you move forward up this path, the crows will fly 
towards the right and keep flying ahead in the direction of the path 
youíre already on. Take aim with the pistol and shoot at least one of 
them before they fly out of sight. Their hitboxes are fairly generous 
so as long as youíre aiming anywhere around their body, a single shot 
should kill them.

If you do miss, load your last auto-save and itíll put you right back 
to when you picked up the light bulb, allowing you to easily retry until 
you get it.

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