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  Hints and Tips for: International Cricket Captain 
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 International Cricket Captain Cheats

International Cricket Captain

Always Win Toss
When it come to the toss screen don't click either option and
just press 'return'. You will then be given the choice wether
to bat or bowl.

Become England's Captain:
Enter Alec as a name.

When bowling in a one day county league match use this set of 
combinations for your bowlers.

Bowler 1 & Bowler 2 (5 overs) - Aggression 5, field setting 1 (from left), 
                                leg stump
Bowler 3 & Bowler 4 (4 overs) - Aggression 3, field setting 4, off stump
Bowler 3 & Bowler 5 (4 overs) - Aggression 2, field setting 4, off stump
Bowler 4 & Bowler 5 (4 overs) - Aggression 2, field setting 4, off stump
Bowler 1 & Bowler 2 (3 overs) - Aggression 4, field setting 5, centre stump

It can often get the opposition out for a relatively low score 
(under 200, 5.0/over).

It is the only combination of bowlers I use when playing one day cricket, 
it can be adapted to league cup cricket and for the Nat West trophy. For 
numbers 2, 3 and 4, just bowl half of the bowlers' allocated overs, and 
for number 1, use one over half the allocated overs. And of course, for 5,
bowl the remaining overs out. I do keep the aggression, field settings and
aimed stumps the same for no matter which competition you are playing in.

* When bowling in one day games, set highlights level to every ball and bowl 
every ball, especially near the end of the innings with the computer chasing
your total. With this strategy you can set your field more exactly and you'll
also find that the computer batsmen are not as good at smashing you around as
when you have no highlights and bowl over set. I also find this way of playing
more realistic as you have more control over your players.

Also, whatever you do don't play with highlights set to none, you will lose 
just about every time.

* For the one day game when a batsman comes in keep his aggression at 2 for the 
  first 4-5 overs then put it up to 6. This usually works really well. 
* If you get stuck with two tailenders who you can't get out try bowling with no
  aggression outside their off stump, it seems to fustrate them into giving away
  their wicket - usually to edges etc.

* When batting in Sunday League matches, open one aggressive opener (like Alec 
  Stewart). Go through the over ball-by-ball, make his aggression full for the 
  first ball, I've never had someone go out first ball in a 40 over match. If 
  he scores a boundary, drop his aggression to 4. Keep raising and lowering the
  aggression of the batsmen, they will score at a good rate and won't put too 
  great a risk on their wicket. If you going along at 7 an over after the fielding
  restrictions are over and you have wickets in hand, don't bat so aggressively, 
  just pick off the one's and two until you are ready to slog. You should have 
  two set batsmen ready to cart the bowlers around! I've scored over 300 in a 
  Sunday League match once doing this (I tend to get at least 220).

* Try putting the aggression level of your openers 6 and 4. You run rate is 
  going to be 5.3 or 5.5 an over depends on what kind of batsmen you have. If
  you have a batsmen whose average is around 40 - 45 then you could get near 
  6 an over even during Country Championship.

If a batsman with the highest aggression gets out then try the same aggression
level on the most settled player. For example if player 1 has 6 and 2 has 4 and
player 1 gets out the put the 6 on player 2 and 4 on the new batsmen. So keep 
on going like this with both the hints. 

During One Day Matches In the last 10 oversee try putting the aggression 7 - 6.
If you have at least 5 wickets and you are chasing a huge score try 8 - 7. 
But you have the chances of losing wickets.

Win Easily hint:
Submitted by: Zarak

When you take batting first in one day cricket match choosing your players agression 
6-7 only in two overs because of this your play hit the ball very fastly for only few 
balls because of this you can hit the run fastly and win the match very easily

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