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  Hints and Tips for: Introduction To Australian Mammals 
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 Introduction To Australian Mammals Cheats

Introduction To Australian Mammals

Revolving doors:
The rotating levels in the Bandicoot Walk Game are easiest done with following 
the movement like walking through a revolving door. on level 9 go around anti 
clockwise, level 19 go clockwise and on level 20 go anti clockwise a complete 
circle before you exit.

Jumping water:
In the Bandicoot Walk Game, if you move you mouse fast enough you can jump over 
the water without losing energy. Be careful to aim at the finish line when you 
do this or you will end up in the water.

Standing still:
In the Bandicoot Walk Game, on level 21 and 22 where the water creeps up all 
around you, you can survive by releasing the mouse as the water is about to 
cover you. Then, simply click and continue when the water is gone again

Final levels:
The sequence for the final three levels in the Bandicoot Walk Game are as 

Level 23: Top row forward, forward, down, forward and out. 
Level 24: Bottom row forward two, up, down, up, forward and out. 
Level 25: Forward, forward, forward, forward, back, back, forward, wait, 
          forward and out. 

Wombat Maze walkthrough:
To complete the Wombat Mazes in the most direct route for the fastest score, 
turn the following directions at each split in the tunnel:

Level 1: Left or right (all paths lead to the wombat and out again). 
Level 2: Left, right, (at wombat, turn around) Left, Right, exit. 
Level 3: Right, left, right, left, right, (at wombat, turn around) left, 
         right, left, right, left, exit 

In the Echidna Game, only one ant at a time will appear until you have eaten five 
ants, Then, two ants at a time will appear until you have eaten twenty ants. Then 
many ants will appear once until you have eaten fifty ants. Then, it goes into turbo 
speed which is the maximum and is very hard to survive. 

The introduction to the CD-ROM has several start sequences including a vacuum cleaner, 
water splash, ropes, and a train. 

Minimum moves:
The beginner level of the sliding puzzle game is possible in four moves (absolute minimum) 
by moving the pieces in a anti clockwise direction.

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