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  Hints and Tips for: Invisible, Inc. 
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 Invisible, Inc. Cheats

Invisible, Inc.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Tips:
* Remember the rewind function if you're playing on the appropriate difficulty
  level(s). It can get you out of a jam at a critical moment. 
* If one of your character is held up, don't panic. You still have one turn to
  save them, so figure out a way to knock out the guard with another character
  or sneak away if you have nearby cover.
* It's best to save your credits for items even though you can level up 
  characters. A lot of the programs and weapons prove more useful in a 
* If you choose a rescue mission, make sure you have equipment for the 
  character. They don't start with weapons, so they'll be useless until you 
  find something for him/her.
* Try to finish levels quickly, as a higher security level introduces more 
  threats. Security level 4 in particular is when things start to get really
* Don't worry if you fail, Invisible Inc. is meant to be replayed. Just 
  learn from your mistakes and start another campaign.
* Always peak through doors before you open them. There may be a guard or 
  camera on the other side that will spot you.
* Set up an ambush attack when you know a guard is coming your way. It 
  doesn't cost AP and ensures a knockdown.
* If you have enough PWR, unlock safes. Trust me, you want the credits in

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