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  Hints and Tips for: Iron Harvest 
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 Iron Harvest Cheats

Iron Harvest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Plat Medal (Cheat):
Written by InsaneSaintGamer

Currently, the challenge map is not possible to plat legit so here 
is a way to cheat it so you can get your plat medal.


* Goto Steam->steamapps->common->Iron Harvest->config.
* Then open "Units_01_Core" with Notepad.
* When its open, press CTRL and F together.
* Paste "pol_soldier_exo" into the search bar and then press enter.
* Below there is going to be lines of code that you should see.

< !--Polania Spec Ops-->
< UnitConfiguration id="pol_soldier_exo" type="exoskeleton" parentId="com_exo" >
< IsAbstract >false< /IsAbstract >
< Type>Mech< /Type >
< Health>175< /Health >
< ArmorType>Light< /ArmorType >
< VisionRadius>40< /VisionRadius >

What you want to do is change the value inside "< Health >175< /Health >" 
to be "1750000< /Health >" then save the file.

Launch the game and challenge. Send out 1 exo to capture the VP inside 
the fortress and the other to capture the 2 VP's on the left side of the map.

Once you got the plat medal then close the game and then verify the game
files to undo modifications you did to the game files and you should have
the vanilla files and the plat medal when your ingame.

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