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 Iron Lord Cheats

Iron Lord

Cheat Codes:
Saved game file format:
offset          use
		Inventory: (0-31)*
?0		Purse
?1		Sword
?2		Talisman
?3              Ring
?4		Cloak
?5		Antidote
?6		Ruby
?7		Armour
?8		Necklace
?9		Pendant
?10		Cup
?11		Green potion
?12		Red powder
?13		White powder
?14		Vase
?15		Casket
?16		Map
?17		Butter Churn
?18		Hoe
?19		Grain Sacks
?20		Blue liquid
?21		Mug of beer
?22		Meal
?23-?31		Dummies

?32-?38		Unknown
?39		=53 when antidote is given to person 3
?40		Unknown
?145		0=Won Archery contest
?160		=80 when won archery contest
?226		=?352 when all assassins killed
?322		=116 when beaten archery contest
!336		Amount of money
?340		Unknown
?341		Flag, got miller army
?342		Flag, got monk army
?343		Flag, got herbalist army
?344		Flag, got shopkeeper army
?345		Flag, got templar army
?346		Flag, got innkeeper army
?347		Flag, got mercenary army
?349		Beaten Arm Wrestling contest
?350		Amount of assassins killed
?351		0=you have killed all the assassins
?353		Flag, Mug of Beer got (?)
?354		Flag, Meal got (?)
?355		Match number in Archery contest
?356		Flag, for in labrynth

flags are 1 if true, else false.

* with the inventory a 0 signifies you have that object.

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