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  Hints and Tips for: Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale 
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 Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale Cheats

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* As a new player, you could at first start by dropping into a less populated 
  area of the map once in freefall. Donít worry about landing outside the zone,
  as you can always make your way back into the safe-zone unhindered if you pay
  attention to your map (Default ďQĒ)

* Only Engage a contestant if you are certain you are capable of taking them 
  out, or if you need to out of necessity. Taking a player unawares will grant
  you a marginally higher kill rate than going face-on with others. Eliminating
  a player while they are disoriented will reduce the chance of retaliation, 
  and youíll have free access to their gear as well.

* Plan your moves accordingly! The Zone will adapt and shrink corresponding to 
  the amount of contestants alive. If you are on the edge of the playable zone,
  it might be wise in move more centrally to avoid being blindsided by the Zone.

* Raised ground can be both an ally and an enemy. Playing off high-ground gives 
  you a lot of advantages for defence and offence. Use defilades to retreat and 
  attack from another angle, concealing your direction of travel. Likewise, you 
  are a very visible target on a hilltop or a cliff. Keep moving to avoid lead-
  induced headaches from Sako-85 Sniper Rifles.

* Nano-Meds will heal you for exactly 50% of your total health. Use them 
  accordingly, and always heal up after a battle if the other contestant had 
  spare Nano-Meds.

* Burst firing an Assault Rifle can be marginally more effective than going 
  Full-Auto, particularly with a high-magnification optic. Pace your shots and
  only use full auto if necessary.

* The Desert-Eagle might not look like much, but unlike any of the other 
  pistols on offer, itís the only selection capable of killing another 
  contestant in one shot to the head. Accuracy is rewarded with this sidearm.

* There is no better building clearer than the M1014 Shotgun Itís a near 
  essential addition to any loadout. Did someone say BUCKSHOT?

Best Performance Config / Launch Options:
Written by

This is a config that i took from the esports website and tweaked some values to 
make the game look relatively "normal" and keeping the same vibe. 
Also adding some new lines in there i found digging trough UE4 forums.

After a while of tweaking and doing bunch of trial and error with what settings 
to keepe and disable think i found a good match. Given this to few people with 
performance issues and asked for feedback and its been overwhelmingly positive sofar!

So i figured i'd post it here in the steam guides for all to have go at and see if 
it works or not for them.

-=Finding the Folder and File=-
First off what you want to do is to get to the file directory. 
Hit the Windows key + R and then paste this within the run application:


Now look for "Engine.ini" and open it with Notepad.

-=The Config Paste=-
Now copypaste this under the existing text once done so feel free to make the 
file read only but with experimenting this has no impact of changing any of 
the settings on its own so its not needed.

Did some changes to the paste. 
Made the game look alot more like the original look but still giving a major performance boost.

r.DetailMode 0

-=Steam Launch Options=-
These are the launch options i've used and they seem to do something in terms of performance:
-malloc=system -maxMem -refresh -USEALLAVAILABLECORES

I would not recommend using -sm4 as it adds shadow flickering.

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