Jack Nicklaus 6 - Golden Bear Challenge Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Jack Nicklaus 6 - Golden Bear Challenge 
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 Jack Nicklaus 6 - Golden Bear Challenge Cheats

Jack Nicklaus 6 - Golden Bear Challenge


Tip 1:
The Nicklaus mouse swing is different from any other mouse swing.
First of all, you can move the mouse in any direction you wish 
without worrying about perfectly retracing the path of the 
backswing on the downstroke. 

Tip 2:
The intention of the game developers is that you move the mouse
in one direction for backswing (power), taking care to stop at 
or near the top when the swing meter's flow indicator passes by
the "perfect power mark." You are then supposed to move the mouse
in the opposite direction, clicking it when the flow indicator 
has dropped back down to the "perfect direction mark." The catch
is that the game removes some of the power you initially created
for each extra millisecond you take trying to hit that perfect 
direction mark on the downstroke. 

Tip 3:
The cheating solution? Well, for starters, completely ignore that
top power mark. Take the backswing back as far as the meter will 
go, right to the end of the "overswing" territory. This will give
you at least one more precious second on the way down to try to 
hit the direction mark perfectly. Second, move the mouse really 
quickly on the way down until you get relatively close to the 
direction mark, slow it at the last moment, fine-tune it to the
mark, then let go of the button. If all goes as planned, you'll
have had enough time to click exactly on the direction mark while
incurring only enough penalty time to affect the amount of 
overswing--your swing power will still be right up there at ideal
speed or, with any luck, will be even harder. You can regularly 
nail arrow-straight drives of 270-plus yards using this method. 

Tip 4:
Go into the golfer edit screen and select a Fast, but not Very 
Fast (it's just too quick), meter speed. This will allow you to
bestow more skill points to your golfer, while the extra meter 
speed should be of little concern if you follow the first tip 

Tip 5:
In Nicklaus 6, the orientation of golfer to ball at the moment 
of impact is crucial. If that ball sits lower than your feet, 
the slices can be absolutely horrific. Adjust your stance and 
approach accordingly. 

Tip 6:
When putting, use the aiming arrow to increase the potential 
power of your attempt. The game doesn't give you enough oomph
by default.

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