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  Hints and Tips for: Jalopy 
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 Jalopy Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Paint Supply:
If you have the creative eye, and wish to constantly edit your Laikaís 
look, just bring back any spray cans from your journey and place it 
into your storage shelf! It doesnít matter if theyíre dead, just sleep 
for the night at home, and you now have replenished paint!

-=Hereís a step by step process=-
* Purchase spray paint of any variety.
* Return home by means of the menu, or drive home.
* Bring your paint back into the garage and place it upon the shelves.
* Press Return Home from the menu.
* If your paint runs our after putting it on the shelf, put it back 
  and return home again.
* As long as you donít Return Home with the spray paint pn the ground, 
  the paint will refill itself.

Note: Doesnít work with decals.

A Guide To Bootlegging And Failure:
Written by hAudi Driver

Here is a guide on how to make a lot of quick and easy cash, 
but with a high risk.

Let me ask
So, youíre looking to make some money, right?
You want a method thatís going to be easy and profitable?
I have the guide for you. Keep reading.

Do you want to play it safe?
Resist risk and live an honest life?
If yes, stop reading here and look for a different guide.
If no, hereís my story.

-=The story and guide=-
I had some luck with larceny. However, be warned, it will probably end up ruining 
everything like it did for me.
What not to do is
* Make sure your trunk is empty (spare wheels are tolerable).
* At a gas station grab two of those baskets, and stuff them full of wine or meds 
  as they are the most profitable.
* Place the two baskets in the back of your car without paying, and then notice that 
  the gate is closed.
* Once youíve done that, go to the pause menu and return home.

The first few times I did this I was making serious cash, but after one more robbery, 
my plans came crashing down.
This game can figure out what youíre doing, and it will punish you hard.
Now every time I return home or reload the game, everything in the trunk is replaced
with trash bags and a Do Not Steal sign.
No way to escape it, doesnít matter what the objects are, it doesnít matter if your 
game crashed or even if you payed for all the objects in the trunk, they will be 
replaced, and you canít escape it without a backup save or creating a new game.

Havenít tried either of those yet. 
Maybe it messes up the game as a whole instead of a single save.
Couldnít tell you right now.

Oh, also, a few tips if you decide to try this
* Pick the shortest route before leaving your garage.
Youíll want to avoid as many boxes and abandoned cars as you can. Of course, if/when you 
encounter these on the short route, go ahead and grab them, it never hurts to have extra 
stuff. Just try to manage your inventory.
* Do not sell or buy anything to or from the store youíre stealing from.
Iím fairly certain thatís how I got caught.

* Peek inside boxes before opening.
Do this by setting the box next to your driver side door, get in the car, and pick up the 
box. Next look straight out the windshield and adjust accordingly **, then drop the box 
and if done correctly, it will be your new hat. You can look inside and grab any of the 
objects, even in a locked crate.
** Adjustments
Large crate/box
* Center of windshield directly above steering wheel, slight movement to the left, then 
up a little. I believe this is the perfect drop location.
Medium crate/box
* Center of windshield directly above steering wheel, straight up, just a little bit of 
distance under the roof line. Has a chance to phase through the roof, restarting the 
process. This method has not been perfected.
Small crate/box
* Center of windshield directly above steering wheel, a little bit to the left. 
Has a chance to slip out of the car, likely wont cause too much annoyance.

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