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  Hints and Tips for: Jane's Fleet Command 
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 Jane's Fleet Command Cheats

Jane's Fleet Command

Tip 1:
Never send just one plane anywhere; fights will be better if you
send a pair of fighters, even when identifying unknown craft. 

Tip 2:
Lead your air assaults with HARM missile-equipped planes. These 
missiles hone in on the enemy's active radar, taking it out and 
shutting down the enemy's air defense. 

Tip 3:
Years ago, the U.S. Navy taught its tactical-action officers (the
folks in charge of employing a ship's weapons) to "shoot, shoot, 
look." You should do the same. Fire two missiles at any incoming 
target. Wait to see the result, and then fire again if necessary. 

Tip 4:
Swarm. Don't attack with a Harpoon here, a Maverick there; hit 
the bad guys with everything you have. There is a much greater 
chance of destroying your target if you swamp its defenses. 

Tip 5:
Stay cool. Don't use your radar or activate sonar until you are 
in battle; otherwise, you'll give your position away. If necessary,
send a ship (called the picket ship) ahead of your task force. 
Order this ship to light off its radar. Hopefully, it will discover
the waiting enemy; of course, it might also discover ten cruise 
missiles headed its way--but hey, life's full of little surprises.

Always keep your carrier loaded with planes. Alert 5 works well with
this. The planes go on deck but do not launch until the order is 
given. These fighters can destroy anything when ready.

HARM missiles:
When attacking an enemy ship, use a plane armed with HARM missiles.
They disable the capability for the ship to send return fire.

Determining sub/ship/helo without vid:
All unknown helicopters and subs are hostile. Any unknown ships with
unknown airborne craft departing it are hostile as well. this does 
not apply for unknown ground targets unless the aircraft is hostile
or a missile.

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