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  Hints and Tips for: Jenny's Fish Shop 
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 Jenny's Fish Shop Cheats

Jenny's Fish Shop

Submitted by: Sachal

You will get lots of money just read below

Step1  First open Jenny's Fish Shop
Step2  open Resources then data
Step3  open Fishes with note pad
step4  change the money value on the 2nd lineto 1000 and the other fishes to
step5  have sharky as your aquarium pet
step6  levels  change the timing of the customers and you have to find it your self 
       i forgot where it was
step7  open upgrades and change the valu of cost to 10 of every one of it then change 
       the speed of jennny's footwear to 1000000000000000 and pet aquarium 's last stage 
       effect=1000000000000000 and turn machine's last transformasation charging time = 1 
       and working time 1 and the audiosystem's last transformasation effect=600000 
now play game and then come back for more information
how does this works=

first finish three orders then the machine will stop working.Then turn on audiosystem then 
feed your fishes and sell them and wait and feed your pet and then fill all the tanks with 
fishes and then take the reward from sharky do this in all the levels and this is how you 
get lots of money to purchase lots of upgrades and items.

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