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  Hints and Tips for: JoJo's Fashion Show 
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 JoJo's Fashion Show Cheats

JoJo's Fashion Show

Bonus Specials:
Sometimes, getting a certain score on a model entitles you to a special. 
Try to use your specials because if you have 5 and earn another special it 
is wasted and there is no bonus for leftover specials at the end of the 

Bonus Points:
Quick modeling and same category in a row. When possible try to send all 
three models out in a row and have chains of styles. To do this you need 
to have your thinking brain on in addition to that creative brain. 
For instance, if you have a hippie model and two western models, dress 
them all then send out the hippie followed my the western girls. Doing 
this will give you a succession bonus as well as a X2 western combo with 
the possibility of a growing combo.

Accessories can provide a nice bonus to any outfit but will do more good 
when they are placed with a matching style. Although a +50 bonus is nice, 
a +300 is better. Also accessories really donít hurt you so try to use any 
left on the last model because a +150 (for 3 non-matching accessories) at 
the least is still good to have. 

Those Fashion Rules:
When you send out a model following one of them, you will get a bonus in the
50-300 range. Not every model is going to have one, but try to capitalize on 
it when you can.

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