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  Hints and Tips for: Jonathan Kane - The Protector 
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 Jonathan Kane - The Protector Cheats

Jonathan Kane - The Protector

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Lawrence Rozario

Open the console during gameplay and enter 'god 1' (without the quote) and 
hit enter. 

You are in god mode!

The Protector centres on the exploits of two vastly different characters
- hardened British mercenary Jonathan Kane and beautiful US archaeologist
Jennifer Guile. After an acrimonious two-year estrangement, these two 
former lovers are reunited when Jennifer's father - a leading archaeologist
- is murdered by a new terrorist organisation called Scarlet Vengeance, 
which is looking for a powerful Aztec artefact to use for a devastating 
terrorist attack. When Scarlet Vengeance's attentions turn to Jennifer - 
the only person who knows the location of the artefact - Kane is forced 
to track her down and protect her. Thrown together in extreme circumstances,
the duo must overcome their differences and use their unique skills to 
thwart the terrorists' horrifying plan.

* Play as both Jonathan Kane - a hardened British mercenary and former MI6 
  agent trained in counter-terrorist tactics - and Jennifer Guile - a 
  beautiful and wily US archaeologist 
* Two distinct gameplay modes - searing, tactical shooting action (Kane) 
  and tense, stealth sections (Jennifer) 
* Use your environment to hide and take cover. Enter into third-person 
  mode when in cover to acquire a better overview of your surroundings.
  Lean out from behind cover to engage your enemies with minimal exposure.
  Blind fire around corners when severely pinned down 
* Superb world physics where objects are splintered, shattered and sent 
  flying by barrages of bullets and explosions, creating massively believable
  battlefields. The player can even shoot enemies - and be shot - through thin
  walls, adding a further tactical element 
* Enemies intelligently seek out and utilise cover - just like you 
* Disarm enemies by shooting the weapons from their hands, leaving the enemies
  vulnerable. Once an enemy has been disarmed, they must either reach for a 
  sidearm or run for cover - both of which take time. 
* Enemy AI uses lifelike line of sight and hearing to determine your whereabouts.
  Enemies are more vulnerable in darker areas, while their lifelike reactions to 
  sight and sound also provide the perfect environment for stealth-based gameplay
* Fully interactive world, populated by civilians, commuters, students and workers
  who intelligently react to their surroundings and situations 
* Wide range of enemy types, ranging from elite terrorist forces to mythical 
  Aztec creatures. Intriguing plot featuring two very different endings, depending
  on your choices 
* Challenging puzzles and mini games.

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