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  Hints and Tips for: Jurassic Park 
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 Jurassic Park Cheats

Jurassic Park

Level passwords:
Play level 1 and note the last three letters of the password issued. 
Enter those three letters in place of the question marks (???) in 
the following list.

Level	Password 	
2	B14A5??? 	
3	3B5FB??? 	
4	0377D??? 	
6	0179D??? 	
7	607AF??? 	
8	EB8FD??? 	
9	8B8FF??? 	
10	AB901??? 	
11	4B903??? 	

Level Codes: 
2. C37EF8D1
3. 4D9458D1
4. 15AC78D1
5. 13AE78D1
6. 72AF98D1
7. FDC478D1
8. 9DC498D1
9. BDC4B8D1
10. 5DC4D8D1

Codes for the 3D levels:
EB8FD3E0 - Level 1 
8B8FF3E0 - Level 2 
AB9013E0 - Level 3                   
4B9033E0 - Level 4

Submitted by:Luis Roberto
In game Jurassic War:
Next -» go to next nivel.

Submitted by: Atanu Bandyopadhyay

For Park Building:
Search the text 60000(file type:-*.ini) in Jurassic Park Game Folder 
and replace it by 600000000000 . you will get that amount of money for 
park building

decrese bulding cost:
Search the cost of a building (e.g hatchery) and replace it by youe wanted 
cost may be 10 or 0 or -100000 if negative value is set then u will get 
rupees for bulding a unit.

decrease time for research:calculate the tiem in days and search it 
in *.ini files and set it to zer0.

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