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  Hints and Tips for: Just Cause 
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 Just Cause Cheats

Just Cause

Submitted by: shubhamanjankar

The easiest way to liberate the rioja sites is to catch a flying chopper in the air, use
the grapple hook to catch the chooper reel in by pressing shift, now rico would catch the
tail of the chopper andwhen it says use vehicle press (e) you would now bee in the chopper
fly down to the site start the liberation get in the chopper take off and start shooting.

Grapple hook:
After level 2 there are territories you can take over. Once you have done about three of 
them you will get the grapple hook.

When you get your grapple hook fire it at a passing or attacking helicopter. Then, just 
reel your self in.

Bald Eagle Persuader boat:
There is a boat that looks oddly like the Gungan submarine in Star Wars Episode 1. It 
is called the Bald Eagle Persuader. It travels ridiculously fast on water. If you drive
it in a straight line for long enough it takes off and wings grow from the side. When 
you land it, wheels pop out underneath. It is very difficult to control. It appears 
about one in every ten visits to the mansion near a safehouse. 
Note: it cycles in this order: sea, air, land. If you go from the air to the sea it 
will just explode.

Agency jeep:
After you kill the man on the boat and finish the mission, you will get the agency jeep.

Taking over sites:
When taking over Guerrilla and Rioja sites, use your heavy drop in your PDA. Choose the 
truck and just start shooting your way through the entire thing until you have to take 
the flag at a Guerrilla site or kill the head honcho at a Rioja site.

Taking over Territories:
Use the following trick when you are taking over a village with the guerrillas.
Ignore most of the enemies and charge towards the roadblock the government has 
up. Destroy it using grenades, a rocket launcher, or timed explosives. Do this 
to each one, and the "Capture enemy flag" objective will soon appear. Run to it
and press A to conquer that area. For other villages without roadblocks, such 
as the towns when a police car with a turret on the back appears, go in it. 
One of your teammates will also enter. Drive down street and your partner will
kill everyone. Then, capture the flag when instructed. Do not open fire on 
anyone on your team or they will kill you.

First you have to have a dirt bike, Then find a jump that leads into some deep
water. Drive it off the jump and press Y right when you fly off. Then swim up 
to your bike(it will be upside-down floating)and press Y again to get on it. 
You will be riding your bike on the water.

After Game "Briefing":
Finish Just Cause, then start a new game. Don't save then load your normal Profile.
You should have a briefing on your Extraction list. It will get you to the first 
beach in the game.

Submitted by: tk tristan

type durin gameplay.
cheat       - result
imhealthy   - unlimated life
ammoman     - unlimated ammo
spawn (name)- type spawn and the name of the car,boat,plane ect.

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