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 Kane And Lynch - Dead Men Cheats

Kane And Lynch - Dead Men

Freedom Fighters: Easy completion: 
Submitted by: RM

When you are at the spot where you have to proceed to El Capacito, tell
your men to go to the big pointy statue in the center and take cover. 
Then, proceed to shoot down the helicopter first before continuing. A 
few RPGs will be required before it will go down. If you run out of 
RPGs,go back to the previous spot where you had to shoot the APC 
vehicle to get more supplies.

Kane in Fragile Alliance:
Reach rank 35. 

Lynch in Fragile Alliance:
Reach rank 30. 

There are two endings to the game and you get to pick them by moving
your player in the right direction. After stopping the cargo plane and 
grabbing Jenny, the Kane character can move towards the the helicoptor 
or the village. Moving to the village will extend the game to its final

Dump Truck Madness:
Having trouble killing the driver of the dump truck in the junk yard? 
Apparently, all you need to do is shoot the pilot's cockpit with gunfire.
Once the glass breaks, you stop the truck automatically. Do it quickly, 
since the dump truck will automatically kill Jenny on its second pass.

Stop the Dump Truck in the Junk Yard:
Shoot the glass on the drivers side of the cabin so it breaks before
the dump truck makes it's second pass and automatically kills Jenny.

Reaching the Final Chapter:
Move Kane towards the village and not the helicopter when you have stopped 
the cargo plane by grabbing Jenny to progress to the final chapter of the 

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. 

Unlockable                 How to unlock
Sun Tzu (20)             - Let your crew do the dirty work
Fragile Alliance (20)    - Complete the first level in co-op
No Going Back Now (30)   - Go to the point of no return in co-op
End of the Road (50)     - Complete the game in co-op
Impact (20)              - Escape from death row
Damned if you do (20)    - Let them burn
Damned if you don't (30) - No rest for the wicked
Iron Flower (50)         - Complete the game on hard
Crowd Control (30)       - Surgical precision in the nightclub
Behemoth (20)            - Stop the roaring beast
Pushblade Symphony (20)  - for getting up close and personal
Frag Out (20)            - 5 with one fragmentation grenade
Headmaster (20)          - 47 headshots
Boomstick (20)           - Shotgun messiah
Return to Sender (20)    - Throw back enemy grenades
Teflon (20)              - Avoid damage on a level
Bulletproof (20)         - Avoid using adrenaline on a level
Revenge Part I (20)      - Silencing the silent one
Revenge Part IV (20)     - Shouldn't have gotten personal
Revenge Part V (30)      - Glad it got personal
Hindsight (20)           - Get that bird out of the sky
Family Member (5)        - Complete a Fragile Alliance session
Some (5)                 - Escape with $50,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist
A Lot (15)               - Escape with $1,500,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist
Sweet Revenge (5)        - Get personal revenge in Fragile Alliance
Crime Buster (10)        - Kill 10 traitors in Fragile Alliance
Double Trouble (25)      - Kill 2 traitors in a Fragile Alliance round
Never Give Up (30)       - Get 3 personal revenge kills in a Fragile Alliance session
The Cleaner (30)         - Get 30 personal revenge kills in Fragile Alliance
Mr. Popularity (35)      - Kill 100 traitors in Fragile Alliance
Cash Addict (25)         - Help to get all the money out in a Fragile Alliance round
Most Wanted (50)         - Escape with $150,000,000 from Fragile Alliance heists
Mercenary (15)           - Complete one session in each Fragile Alliance scenario
Mr. Play-It-Straight(50) - Win 50 rounds of Fragile Alliance as a merc
50 to Won (25)           - Win 50 rounds of Fragile Alliance
Veteran (35)             - Complete 200 Fragile Alliance sessions
Rush Hour (15)           - Escape in all rounds of a Fragile Alliance session
Perfect Split (25)       - All players split the money equally from a Fragile 
                           Alliance heist.
Celebrity (0)            - Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance
True Elite (0)           - Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.

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