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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdoms and Castles 
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 Kingdoms and Castles Cheats

Kingdoms and Castles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and tricks:
Written by Terkala

I'm going to go through a few tips and tricks that I've learned 
playing this game.

1.Workers become skilled if they work the same job for long enough.
2.Windmills STACK! If you put two windmills around a farming plot, 
  they stack. It's a +3 bonus per windmill. 
  Ideal farming output diagram is below.
3.Fertility doesn't affect orchards as much. Minimum output is 31 
  (minimum fertility to place, master workers), maximum output is 35. 
  Don't waste your very-fertile plots on orchards if you can avoid it.
 Farms produce 10 food on normal soil with no windmills, using 1 worker. 
  Orchards produce 31 food on normal soil, using 3 workers.

  TLDR farming: Put orchards on minium-viable farming plots, 
  use fertile soil to make a big line of windmills+farms.
4.Some buildings require being near roads to be placed. However, they 
  don't need to "stay" near roads to function. Place and delete roads 
  (blueprints) as needed to get your ideal layout. Keep in mind that 
  rebuilding structures is a pain if they get destroyed like this though.
5.Ogres target walls first, above everything. 
  And they have a set-kill-limit. If you are too early-game to defend 
  against viking ogres, but don't want them curb-stomping your economy, 
  build a lot of low level walls.
6.Vikings are required to disembark on land or on a bridge. 
  If you want a safe spot they can't invade, just wall off or moat-off 
  all the land on one side of your island. Instant viking-proof flank.
7.Bigger houses are better in terms of working-bodies-per-non-working. 
  The lowest level house holds 4 people and 1 food-courier. The manor 
  houses 25 people and 4 couriers. 
  Once you can build manor houses cheaply, replace all your hovels.
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