Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom 
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 Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom Cheats

Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited Goods and next level cheat.
Go to your store house and click on the following goods.A red triangle 
will appear in the item's square as each is selected.

Row 1, item 3 (wooden boards)
Row 2, item 2 (iron bars) 
Row 2, item 4 (wine casks) 
Row 3, item 1 (bread) 
Row 3, item 5 (cooked meat) 
Row 4, item 1 (animal hide) 
Row 4, item 5 (plate mail) 
Row 5, item 1 (axes) 
Row 5, item 2 (swords) 
Row 5, item 3 (lances) 
Row 5, item 4 (pikes) 
Row 5, item 5 (long bows) 

Then, click on Row 6, item 1 (crossbow) to add 10 of each item to your 
inventory or on Row 6, item 2 (horses) to complete the current level.

* Now you will have a figure of a house.
* Now click on one of the following cheats.

Effect                            code
You get +10 goods of everything - Press the crossbow.
You go to the next level        - Press the horse.

Increase game speed:
Press [F8] to toggle an increase in the game's speed.

Unlimited stone:
If you have two Quarries, you will have unlimited stone. 
Note: The warehouse will not show this.
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