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 La Luna Hotel Cheats

La Luna Hotel

1.Switch on the light.
2.Take the note on the floor.
3.Go to the room 201 and get the room 203 key card below the pillow.
4.Click on the painting.Solve the riddle from Einstein and get the 
  paper clip.

The answer for the riddle is 4 Dan green.
1.yellow,Ben,water,Savage Garden and cat.,Karl,tea,Metallica and horse.,Lee.milk,Green Day and bird.,Dan,beer,Prince and fish.
5.white,Daz,coffee,U2 and dog.

6.Get the video tape from the camera above room 203.
7.Another tape is at the camera beside the elevator.
8.Get the room 204 key card at the carpet near the elevator.(which is 
  below green stripe colour carpet,u can see a grey spot colour there)
9.Go to the room 203,use the paper clip to open the luggage.U will get 
  the room 206 key card.
10.Go to room on the window..after solving the mah jong game, 
   u will get the word orion.
11.Use the note that u take on the floor as the guide for the code.
12.For ex..A=1, for the orion,the code no is 151891514.
13.Open the locked door outside the corridor.U can get a key from the 
   upper panel and a half green paper at the lower panel.
14.Go to the room 204 and try to unlock the drawer.The answer for the 
   lock is 290.U will get another tape.
15.Go to the room 203 again,use the key to open the cupboard.
16.solve another puzzle game...the answer is 438.
4 3 8
9 5 1
2 7 6
17.Insert all the tape and watch all the movie its showed.
18.After tat back up from the tv u can see the cupboard is full of cd 
   case or wat else..
19.Get another half green paper from tat cupboard(just keep clicking on it).
20.Combine the 2 green paper together u will get the telephone no 702088384.
21.Go to the room 204 again and use the phone to dial this no.
22.The receptionist will ask u wat floor r u on.Just simply type 4 
   (coz u r on 4th floor.
23.Then she will ask wat room.U just fill in 202(coz it is the only room 
   left at the 4th floor.)
24.Go out from the room and get the room 202 key card at the elevator.
25.Open the room 202 and ta ta...u r escape.

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