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  Hints and Tips for: Last Year 
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 Last Year Cheats

Last Year

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Survive the Nightmare:
Written by teapuff uwu

Basically every tips and tricks needed to survive the Nightmare. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to post them down below.

-=Necessary Equipment.=-
Before even trying to kill the Fiend,

you have to prepare yourself. Collect scrap at different points: the 
icon will be a wrench in a yellow circle. After you have collected 
enough scrap, build the following items:

Assault: Armor or bat. Craft some molotov to bleed out his HP and waste 
his time.

Medic: Craft a pipe bomb (for extra damage during a battle) or a tazer 
(temporarily stun him so the Assaults can beat him to death.)

Scout: Either a smoke grenade (great for endgames!) or a shotgun (weapon).

Technician: Pain Pills (for HP) or a proximity mine (great for securing 
saves and dealing a lot of damage to the Fiend.)

After gathering your equipment,
you can now start surviving the Fiend. Be careful! The Fiend has two ways 
of killing you;

Ambush spots: Basically an Insta Kill spot. The Scout can locate ambush spots 
(marked in yellow) and when they are active, they will be marked in red.
Literally beating you to death.

Now, to survive the Fiend, you must know how to play the Class that you chose.

Medic: Stick close to the assault and give your Classmate heals when they are 
in low HP. Prioritize the Assaults and Scouts, since they can they an incredible 
amount of damage when working together.

Technician: Barricade doors and trapdoors when the Fiend is around you. Stick 
close the Assault so you can spawn the turret (does 5 damage per hit) so you 
can bleed out extra HP.

Scout: Blind the Fiend so the Assaults have an advantage (the Fiend will be 
stunned momentarily) and strike blows with your shotgun with the Assault 
class to deal a lot lot lot of damage.

-=Assault: beat the killer to death.=-
When all working together, you can do an incredible amount of damage to the 
Fiend and you can potentially kill him.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
You’re to look for tips and tricks, right? Well I got a few.

1.You can barricade doors in front of Fiends whilst they are chasing you to waste 
  their time. (Technician)
2.Heal yourself to around 70 HP so you can save the last charges for the Assaults 
  and Scouts. (Medic)
3.Bats do an incredible amount of dmg. If you have enough scrap, try to build one 
  for the endgame and give it to others in need. (Assaults)
4.Use a smoke grenade to drop the Classmate they are carrying (Giant) to waste 
  the Fiend’s time. You can also use it in the endgame. (Scouts)
5.Prioritize saves when you are the last Classmate. The last Classmate saves 2 
  people from one closet. (A.,S.,T.,M.)
6.ALWAYS stick together. Against a Strangler, being alone is very very dangerous. 
7.Small spiders give 1 scrap when they are killed. Try grabbing the scrap. 
  You might need it… (A.,S.,T.,M.)
8.Avoid the acid from the Spider; it slows down your speed and bleeds out your HP.

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