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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Creator 
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 Lego Creator Cheats

Lego Creator

Night Vision Mode
Build a new word and place a 6 stud brick in the center of the world. Then 
put a camera on the brick.  Next, go to play. Go to the different views and
click the camera view, then wait for it to get dark. Soon it will be in 
night vision mode.

Flying cars:
Click a car. Look for a blinking "!", then look for a plane (man on bird). 
Then click on it for a flying car. If it does not work, try again.

Crashing anything:
You can crash anything. If it is a car, just put a bomb on it, drive it, 
then crash it.

Drive the vehicles:
Use the following trick to drive the cars, helicopters, and more. First, put 
on whatever you want on your world. Next, enter play mode and go to the camera
(not the one where you can take photos). Then, click on a moving vehicle or 
person. Next, go to the controller that appears to the left. Finally, grab 
your controller and drive or walk around. Note: When driving a helicopter 
you can crash and destroy it.
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