Lego Stunt Rally Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lego Stunt Rally 
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 Lego Stunt Rally Cheats

Lego Stunt Rally

Alternate music:
Submitted by: RM

After completing the game, go on to Mr. X's track. When the race starts,
press [Esc] to quit. Then, go on to either single player or multi-player
mode. The introduction will appear and will give the track Mr. X's music.
It only lasts for that race. This must be repeated if you want to hear it

Easy and sharp turns:
when you are coming to a turn relase the asallreat and turn and you won't
go off track.

Very high jumps:
Fall when you get off the jump at this location. Most of the time you will
jump very high (greater than when you are shot from a cannon). However, 
you may just fall. However if you jump, you can reach the other side of 
the building area.

World Championship people and music in every city track:
Go to the last level of the championship. when the race starts go back to
the menu, play a city race:
The City Will have people looking at you, and a great new music, (the music
appears in all types of stages)

When you do that DON'T even go at Construction or the game crashes!
To build you need to leave game and start again.

Custom Championship:
You ever thought, what is the "CampaignTracks" Folder? and What are these
tracks? They are all the Tracks in the Championship, you can customize 'em,
but you can also, collect 21 of your custom tracks,rename them and replace/
put on the CampaignTracks Folder.
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