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  Hints and Tips for: Lisa 
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 Lisa Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Party members:
Complete the indicated task to recruit the corresponding party member.

Terry Hints     - Found in Area 01. Hints is your first party member. 
Rooster Coleman - Found in Area 01. Find the Golden Hen then return it to Rooster Coleman. 
Nern Guan       - Found in Area 01. Speak with Nern and allow him to finish telling stories. 
Percy Monsoon   - Found in Area 01. Defeat the spider near Percy. 
Mad Dog         - Found in Area 01. Return the Spiked Club to Mad Dog. 
Rage Ironhead   - Found in Area 01. Give him 70 mags. 
Olan Hyot       - Found in Area 01. Purchase him a drink for 20 mags. 
Beastborn       - Found in Area 01. Defeat him. 
Buckets         - Complete the Russian's Roulette. 
Queen Roger     - Found in Area 02. Speak with him and complete a short task. 
RT              - Found in Area 02. Return the Duffel Bag to him.
Ajeet Mandeep   - Talk with Ajeet in Area 02.
Clint Olympic   - Found in Area 02. Find him in the bar and pay him 500 mags.
Birdie Hall     - Found in Area 02. Give him Olathian Whiskey.
Garth           - Found in Area 02. Purchase his artwork for 150 mags.
Yazan Barghouti - Talk to him in Area 02.
Tiger Man       - Found in Area 02. Defeat him.
Jack            - Found in Area 02. Purchase the Playing Card for 200 mags.
Fly Minetti     - Found in Garbage Land. Complete the Cart Race sequence and defeat him.
Ollie Nickels   - Found in Garbage Land. Pay his debts for 2 Mags.
Shocklord       - Earn the Tag Team Titles in EWC.
Crisp Ladaddy   - Found in Area 03. Wait and find Toby before talking to Crisp Ladaddy.
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