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 London Racer - World Challenge Cheats

London Racer - World Challenge

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [F1] during gameplay to display the console window. 
Enterone of the codes at the console window, then press 
[F1] to close the console window:

Code                         Result
please_invulnerability     - Invincibility
please_grip                - Show current grip rating
please_grip (-128 to 5)    - Set grip
please_power               - Show current power rating
please_power (-128 to 5)   - Set power
please_defence             - Show current defense rating
please_defence (-128 to 5) - Show current defense rating
please_level (0-95)        - Jump to indicated race
please_leveljump           - Advance to next career mode race
please_instantkill         - Instant kill enemy cars
please_freezeai (0 or 1)   - Toggle AI
please_lose                - Lose current event
please_win                 - Win current event
close                      - Close console display
help                       - List all console commands
please_repair              - Car fully repaired
debug                      - Activate debug commands
list [filename]            - Display contents of indicated ASCII file

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