Lost Patrol Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lost Patrol 
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 Lost Patrol Cheats

Lost Patrol

Cheat Codes:
Do not forget that if you do nothing for 10 human minutes, you gain 2% of your
health back.

Regain strength and morale:
Rest the squad for ten minutes to restore two strength points and add 
two points to morale without using any food. Repeat this procedure to 
increase your squad's statistics to 99 percent.

Rest for 50 minutes and for no loss of food your strength is restored by a 
few points. This restores all of your remaining men to 99 percent. Keeping 
up your men's strength and morale is vital. Giving your men 50 minutes' rest
a night, or during the day when it's too dark to arry on, will slam your 
energy and morale levels to max. Even if you don't have much food, you don't
have to worry, as your men will not eat it. 

On reaching the first village (the first white cross on the map), search the 
area to find a hole in the ground where the villagers appear to be hiding. 
You then have two options: ENTER TUNNEL or USE GRENADES. Gomez is useful at 
this point, but if he is dead, go for the USE GRENADES option. 

Start off questioning the villagers normally by aking them "Where VC?" Once 
you have an answer, start the hard questioning, or a village boy will get hold
of a gun and shoot one of your men.
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