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  Hints and Tips for: Lust Affect 
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 Lust Affect Cheats

Lust Affect

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Written by @mirage83
If you want to make the game easier you can cheat in the game. 
here are the console commands for the Lust Affect game.

Lust Affect Cheats
ren=100 -Renegade
par=100 -Paragon
mon=50000 -Money
ez=10000 -Ezo

samara_otn = xxx
tali_otn = xxx
susi_otn = xxx (susie = EDI)
miranda_otn = xxx
liara_otn = xxx
jack_otn = xxx
aria_otn = xxx
garrus_otn = xxx
joker_otn = xxx
ashley_otn = xxx
kasumi_otn = xxx
diana_otn = xxx
samantha_otn = xxx
grunt_otn = xxx
xxx being the number
by @mirage83

Full Walkthrough (V1.0):
Written by kosmosnash

Here is the full walkthrough for Lust Affect version 1.0. 

-=Day 1=-
Liara – Let’s Have sex +1
Tali – Who do they think they are? +1 (2)

-=Day 2=-
Miranda – Unbutton the suit +1 (3)
Garrus – Speak! But fast! +1 (4)
Medical Bay +74$

-=Day 3=-
Joker – Why the fuck you are not on duty? +1 (5)
Ashley – Stop whining! +1 (6)
Briefing room +32$

-=Day 4=-
Ashley – Great tits! +1 (7)
*In the Garrus mission, you must fuck the main marauder asari. +2 (9)

-=Day 6=-
Port Hold + 41$
Advice: For the first 6 days you need to buy anal balls.

-=Day 7=-
Miranda – “This is my ship!…” or “So you liked it!” +3 (12)
Miranda – Lie +2 (14)
Advice: For the first 8 days you need to buy anal plug.

-=Day 8=-
Advice: Don’t forget to sometimes receive money from admiral Hackett.

-=Day 9=-
Jack – (Bonus) Then you do something for me

-=Day 10=-
*night* Samara – One day you pay me back +2 (16)

-=Day 11=-
Samara – Nice tits! +1 (17)
Glyph +1 (18)
Advice: At night, go to bed only if you have nothing else to do.

-=Day 13=-
Briefing room +182$
Advice: Raise your influence on Aria to at least 17.
When she comes to visit, tell her: “We play to undress, by the way.”
Port Hold +141$
Advice: Now you can buy all available goods in both stores. Buy everything except
Advice: Night walk. First visit the Crew Quarters, after – the Lavatory

-=Day 14=-
Advice: To fuck Liara, jerk off at night using virtual reality glasses.
Advice: Call Jack. To fuck her, you need at least 15 renegade points and 12
influence points.

-=Day 15=-
Advice: Make friends with Garrus. And talk to him about Tali more often.

-=Day 16=-
Advice: Buy new things to educate Liara and do not forget to go and see her.
Advice: Don’t fool Tali. It will end badly.

-=Day 24=-
After the salvation of Legion – Let’s take our changes! +1 (19)

-=Day 26=-
Garrus – Give her a good fuck! (Need more than 18 renegade points.)
Ashley – The choice does not matter
Advice: If you did everything right, in the Port Hold you will find the anal plug.
*night* Mission “Sex Emulator for an AI”
Ashley – Watch –> Masturbate +2 (21)

-=Day 27=-
Advice: If you have previously picked up the anal plug, go to the Starbord Hold

-=Day 28=-
Advice: Fuck Samantha: Raise Influence on Grunt to 6. To do this, take him once
on a mission. Come to visit him. Score at least 20 renegade points.
During the dialogue with Samantha we get +5 (26)

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