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  Hints and Tips for: Legend of the ZYCA 
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 Legend of the ZYCA Cheats

Legend of the ZYCA

You can only save your game in the temple in the beginning.
When you have reach the holy pagoda, you can find a device
that let you save the game anywhere you like.

Don't waste your spell points casting healing spells when 
you are near any town. Just save your game in the temple 
when your hit points is low. After that go out to get	  
killed (shouldn't be difficult). The game will be restored  
when you get killed. Upon restoring the game, you will be  
given FULL hit points. This is useful when you are low in 
cash and level. Note that poison is not removed when you 
restore the game, but there is no need to cast spell to  
remove it because the enemies will poison you again and 
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