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  Hints and Tips for: Madness Interactive 
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 Madness Interactive Cheats

Madness Interactive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                           Code
Quadruple jumps                - hop
Run faster                     - gump
All enemies have explosives    - apollo
Longer reach                   - armstrong
Stronger hits                  - arnold
Unlimited bullet time          - newyorkminute
Mini gun with unlimited ammo   - minnie
Unlimited ammo                 - flcl
All guns have a laser guide    - guide
Invincibility                  - willis

Toss enemies high in the air:
Enable the flcl code, then take out the M60 machine gun on "Experiment" mode
(7 on the top row of keys). Aim it down so that you can only see the butt of
the gun and part of the handle. Go toward an enemy. Enabling the willis code
is also recommended. Fire multiple times. This should result in a high face 
down jump.

Fire shield:
Enable the willis code. Next, go to "Experiment". Knowing that you have 
invincibility on, you also have to turn on the Experiment's invincibility
cheat also. Then, kill people until you get a flamethrower. Get two to be 
safe. Next, jump in the air and fire the flamethrower below. 
Quickly, press [Enter]. This should result in excess flames on the main 
menu. Go back to "Experiment", and you will see the flames as they appeared
on the main menu. The flames cannot penetrate you; only your enemies. 
This cannot be used on "Tutorial" or "New Game".

Makeshift jet pack:
Enable the flcl and hop codes. Get the rocket launcher and begin shooting 
multiple times downward. As you list to one side you can move in any direction 
as long as you keep shooting down.

Hyper throw:
If you have anything in your hands, turn your back to an enemy once you run out 
of ammo. Make sure you have your "arm" out as far as possible. Then, turn back 
to face the enemy and press F immediately after he turns around. Whatever you 
have in your hands will go out and kill just about anyone it hits. It will also 
usually bounce off the edge of the screen and bounce back at your feet. 
If you have the ax or the knife, it will embed itself in the enemy as well. Make 
sure whoever you are throwing at is all the way on screen first. 
Note: This makes "knifing around" very easy.

In Experiment, have the enemy AI on and auto respawn. Let them kill you. When 
you respawn you will be flashing for a few seconds Quickly press P and put 
invisibility on. If it does not work at first, try again.

Bouncing enemies:
Go into Experiment mode and pause game play. Take off the AI mode and unlock 
Autospawn if it is on. Press [Keypad 8] to take out a bat and press [Space]. 
When the enemy is falling, hit him with the bat from downwards to upwards. He 
should go up in the air and come back down sideways. Keep hitting him up in the 
air and he should go off the screen. Every time you hit him, he will go higher.

Submitted by: triston

Message : ok, so youve herd of the flame shield well here is how you make 
it even bigger. ok, so you do the same thing to get the flame shield then 
when all the men on fire around you (hit space to respown tons of men and 
turn on autospawn on the pause screen turn off enemy AI at the pause 
screen also) hit enter and then you should see the firey awesome mess all 
around the menu screen. now go back to experiment and look at your awesome 
firey shield. 

Submitted by: Russell

ok first u have to go in experiment mode press 8 on the numpad then pick up 1 
then press E to put it away then pick up the other 1.spawn some enemies
set them on fire then quickly press enter

Super launch enemies:
Enable the willis and hop codes. Go to experiment and get a bat. Summon an 
enemy on to the screen then jump up to the point where you are off the screen.
The person should be directly below you. As they try to follow you, press F 
when they are below you. When it hits them on the head, they will fly high 
into the air. Note: Make sure it hits them on the head or nothing will happen.

Submitted by: triston

ok this is the second hint out of three im making ok.... buuuuuuut.i decided ill 
make four just because im new at this game and i like it(im not a nerd).ok, now 
ive decided ill tell you one of my other hints. WAR ok,heres how you make WAR. 
now first you have to turn on invincibility on experiment mode,now press space 
a whole lot of times (until bottom of screen is full of people) now turn on enemy 
AI and watch the war. WHOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......
WAR ON THE will wright back soon :):):):):)

Submitted by: purpledieriah666

This is a pretty cool trick that you can do that I discovered pretty recently. 
What you do is...1st get a rocket launcher...2nd either type in the invincibility 
cheat (willis) or select the invincible option in the pause menu when playing 
"Experiment"...3rd point the rocket launcher downward so that most of it is hidden 
below you...then continue firing rockets downward in that exact same spot. 
You will fly up into the air because of the explosions...and when you keep firing 
you are pretty much flying. you can even move around while your being propelled by 
the explosions. and also another good thing is that any enemy that walks below you 
is as good as dead!

Submitted by: Eryk

OK...Heres a cool trick i learn or found first find the cheat for all enimeis hav 
explosevs(apollo) then put invinsability or the cheat(willis)then get any explosev(s) 
ECSEPT the tomy bomb:) or the tnt now aim it down and repetingly shoot.I would perfer 
the bazuka.And if u want to walk around wen u'r doing this us the fast walk cheat(gump).
I hope its working good by:)

Submitted by: matt

Ok hear is a cheat to kill most enimys get flame thrower and press space 11 times and 
catch them on fire and press enter and flames will aper on screen then all enimys will

Keep shooting:
Enable the flcl code. Go to experiment and start shooting. When this happens, put the 
pointer out of the screen and the gun will still be shooting. Then, go back in. You no
longer have to hold the Left Mouse Button. Pause game play while shooting. When you 
resume you do not have to click to shoot; it will automatically shoot.

People on fire without flamethrower:
Enable the flcl and willis codes. Then, spawn a flamethrower along with some people and 
set them on fire. When they are running around, select "Experiment" and you will still 
see the fire on your screen. Go to "Experiment" again. You should still see the fire. 
Spawn some people and if the fire is there they will catch fire without the use of 
a flamethrower.

Invisable Knife Blade:
Submitted by: modder

Ok go to experiment and grab 2 knifes. turn enemy AI off. hit space to spawn an enemy and 
then throw your first knife at him. quickly pull out your other knife. your blade should 
be invisable. You might need to try it more than once!

Submitted by: Matt

When you go to Experiment Mode,quickly pause the game.(If it's not flashing start over,
THE CHARACTER MUST BE FLASHING!) When you return to the game you will be invisible!

Home made jetpack:
First enter the code willis and flcl then go to experament next get a rocket launcher and
fire at the ground keep on fireing and u should stay up.

Shoot forever in a new game:
Near the end of a level in a new game with a machine gun (or any fast shooting weapon),
hold the Left Mouse Button (or any other button that shoots) until the debriefing screen
appears. Then, choose what upgrade you want. Then, hold your assigned shooting button 
until the screen turns black. Release the button and you should still hear the shooting
sound. When you start the next level, you will be shooting without holding the Left Mouse
Button. To shoot your gun forever, you must first enable the minnie or flcl codes. 
Note: It will stop shooting when you click the Left Mouse Button.

Messed up laser room:
Submitted by: Riley

So i turned on the willis cheet and i went into laser room and i sat there and after the 
screen is filled with lasers you try to move but you can't so then start shooting the 
lasers (you need 2 guns before you start)and start shooting up and you will start floating!

Kill Jesus Quickly:
Submitted by: craz1

In the main game, every time you level up, check if Flares is an option. Get it, when you 
face the Jesus on the penultimate level, shoot at him, and he'll eventually catch fire, you 
can then kill him faster. Don't use a flamethrower as this will not work.

Walk on walls:
Submitted by: flapjack

First you have to enable flcl and armstrong (optional) the get a taser and hold it so it's 
on then go near an enemy and whack the upwards hold your taser up and then your enmy is 
walking on walls (WARNING:switch on invincesibility first or u will die)

Shoot Through Enemy Bodies:
Submitted by: CB

Go to Experiment, Select invincibility, get Jet Pack (+), Get High Powered Gun (Me Personally, 
I use the M16 w/ M203), Spawn an Enemy, Hover over him, let him run out of Ammo, get right 
over him and aim down at his head and shoot. The wound spot should show up at his legs.

Submitted by: UltimateCheater

Ok so you need to enable flcl and the willis cheat codes and turn off enemy AI,next get a 
flamethrower,spawn a binch of enemies,shoot the flame thrower and when everything is on fire 
press enter.You should see the fire still on your screen,then you can go to one of the challenges 
or start a new game and when you do that the fire can still kill the enemies that come to you,this 
makes the game very easy.


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