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 Mafia 3 Cheats

Mafia 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement               How to unlock
Sure Thing, Boss        : Unlocked all Associates.
IRA Don't Ask           : Completed all of Burke's side-missions.
I Need a Favor          : Completed all of Vito's side-missions.
.45 in My Hand          : Completed all of Cassandra's side-missions.
Cash in Hand            : Saved $150,000 between your wallet and the bank.
Baby, You're a Rich Man : Earned $500,000.
Racketeer               : Got the maximum earn from one of your Rackets.
Hole in Your Pocket     : Spent at least $500,000.
Big Earner              : Received $10,000 in earn from one Underboss.
The New Boss            : Flipped 16 Racket Bosses.
Live Another Day        : Recruited 15 Racket Informants.
No Loose Ends           : Killed all of the Racket Bosses.
Can't Trust a Rat       : Killed 15 Racket Informants.
Custom 358              : Drove at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds.
New Bordeaux Drifter    : While driving, drifted for at least 5 seconds.
Wrecker                 : Executed 10 Vehicle Takedowns.
Combat Specialist       : Killed 300 enemies via Takedowns.
Closed Casket           : Performed 50 Brutal Takedowns.
Bon Appétit!            : Fed a body to an alligator.
Next Time Swim Faster   : Got eaten by an alligator.
Sending A Message       : Chained together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns.
Code 112                : Stole a Police car.
Insurance Risk          : Escaped a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes.
Never Saw it Coming     : Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door.

Organized crime has always had its go-to goons. The wise guys with slicked back hair,
wingtipped shoes, and suits impeccably pinstriped. That romanticized imagery has been
the well-tread territory of the Mafia series so far, but that’s changing with the 
arrival of Mafia 3.

Set in 1968, Mafia 3 stars a brand new protagonist, Lincoln Clay. He’s half-black, 
half-white, which matters since his story unfolds in the deep south of New Orleans,
where outward, violent racism was a part of everyday life at the time. Clay’s got 
it tough, because he also grew up an orphan, constantly looking for family, which 
he found in the army during the Vietnam War. Suffice it to say, he’s seen some things.

Lincoln Clay isn’t the most well-adjusted man, but it’s hard to blame him. After
returning home from the war, and finding a new family in the “Black mob”, he once 
again loses it when the Italian mob wipes them out, shoots Clay in the head, and 
leaves him for dead. And he takes all these anti-hero ingredients and plays the 
part brutally well, unleashing a rampage of pissed-off vengence that devastates 
the Italian Mob and creates a power vacuum for organized crime in the city. 
A space Clay is more than willing to fill.

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