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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Duels 
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 Magic Duels Cheats

Magic Duels

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "The Roil" achievement:
This requires Nissa, Vastwood Seer. A good late game deck is required,
as Nissa only transforms when you control at least seven lands. When 
ready, a good defense is required to keep Nissa, Sage Animist on the 
board at least four turns. Use her first ability to gain loyalty. 
When you reach at least 7, use Nissa's ultimate ability to untap six
lands, and they will become 6/6. Note: There is no expiration rule; 
if Nissa is put in the graveyard at this point, you will retain your
6/6 land-creature. Attack to do 6x6 damage to your enemy.

Easy "Truth Seeker" achievement:
This requires Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. After getting at least five cards
in your graveyard, Jace will transform to Jace, Telepath Unbound, 
which has 5 loyalty. However, you need at least 6. Keep Jace on the
board and have at least two sorcery or instant in your graveyard. 
When possible, use his second ability [-3]: "You may cast target 
instant or sorcery card from your graveyard this turn." If that 
card would be placed into your graveyard that turn, exile it instead.
Do this twice to get the "Truth Seeker" achievement.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub that corresponds to [Magic Duels]. Select the "View Stats" drop 
down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement           How to unlock
Airborne            - Control four creatures with flying.
Apprentice          - Hit rank 10 in ranked Versus Battles.
Auramancer          - Attach four Auras to the same creature.
Collection Builder  - Open 10 booster packs.
Delver of Secrets   - Win a duel with five or fewer cards in your library.
Expert              - Hit rank 30 in ranked Versus Battles.
Hunting Party       - Control six Elves.
Land Rush           - Have two lands enter the battlefield in a single turn.
Legend              - Hit rank 15 in ranked Versus Battles.
Master of the Hunt  - Control 20 Elves.
Master              - Hit rank 40 in ranked Versus Battles.
Novice              - Hit rank 5 in ranked Versus Battles.
Power of Origins    - Get a mythic rare card.
Questing Hero       - Complete 100 Daily Quests.
Questing Knight     - Complete 10 Daily Quests.
Questing Legend     - Complete 500 Daily Quests.
Relic Seeker        - Control five artifacts.
Solo Slugger        - Win 500 Solo Battles.
Versus Battler      - Win 10 Versus Battles.
Versus Scrapper     - Win 100 Versus Battles.
Versus Slugger      - Win 500 Versus Battles.
Veteran             - A creature you control becomes renowned.

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